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#4019955 - 10/08/14 09:40 PM 8 Oct Update  
Joined: Sep 2001
Posts: 9,581
Sim Offline
Sim  Offline

Joined: Sep 2001
Posts: 9,581

Change log for an update on October 8th:

- GUI won't minimize randomly anymore

- Incorrect markers for bombs and rockets fixed

- Aim helper mark for rockets is only shown on the ground and disappears if the ground is too far away

- Too frequent night missions fixed

- Bomb raids, Interceptor missions, Convoy missions are now starting on various altitudes

- Similar machine guns and cannons are now gathered into one block on the GUI speed bar

- A mission would now end automatically if a player goes for an emergency landing or successfully bails out

- In interceptor missions enemy is now more aggressive

- Autopilot is back in Normal mode

- In campaign and in QMB a warning will be shown if you shoot friendlies (later we'll add XP penalty)

- Bf 109 G-2 max speed is now tuned properly according to the reference with tail wheel retracted (speed increased for 10-12km/h)

- Hitting enemy plane's bomb hatches and gears can now break them off.

- Horizon Autopilot tuned correctly: excessive wobbling removed, turning around on high altitudes improved

- Some IL-2 and La-5 skins descriptions fixed

- Order to pass command to a wingman removed

- A player can now pass checkpoints on a heavily damaged plane

- Player's wingmen cannot switch checkpoints

- Fancy phrases about sky were removed from campaign briefing

- Kotelnikovo airfield location fixed

- Intercept Bombers mission now has alied AAA shoting at the enemy

#4019964 - 10/08/14 09:52 PM Re: 8 Oct Update [Re: Sim]  
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WernerVoss Offline
WernerVoss  Offline

Joined: Sep 2010
Posts: 1,169
Dutch boy with his finger in the dyke. biggrin

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