The first of many video tutorials for the MiG-21 is available here:

This "First Look" Video is a good place to start if you are deciding if this is an aircraft that interests you. It gives a broad overview of capabilities and includes some basic weapons employment:

"Test Flight Preview" is a 17 video series where I hit a few of what I would consider highlights of flying the aircraft. They are not tutorials but can serve as a good starting place if you are not sure where to begin. Videos 1-4 will cover start-up, shut-down, take-off, landing, and basic handling, videos 5-6 will cover radar usage and air-to-air employment, videos 7-10 will cover the air-to-ground employment options that are available, videos 11-16 cover navigation, and number 17 wraps it up with some weapons employment with the Oculus Rift.

The series is best viewed from this playlist:

Be sure to check out my Youtube channel for more informational and gameplay videos covering a variety of subjects:
Bunyap Sims Youtube Channel