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#4009073 - 09/12/14 11:28 PM Todays update  
Joined: Sep 2001
Posts: 9,581
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Sim  Offline

Joined: Sep 2001
Posts: 9,581
[- Roll controls now are jamming when wing part is broken
- Normal Flight with broken part of wing now is very hard or impossible
- Trail behind plane which have landed emergency was added
- Dedicated server was optimised, we suppose that now DServer will have stable support up to 45-50 players
- Single game was optimized, single missions now may be 20% more complex
- Fire on the plane now may cause not only explosion but also the break off the part where fire is located
- Problems with unstopable gun firing when gun was damaged or pilot bailed out while shoot were fixed
- German planes now are have a new more usable algorythm of wheel brakes control with one button or axis: when common brake is holded and rudder is declined to the right the left brake pedal will push out
- Planes course handling on landing and taxing were adjusted
- FW 190 airflow around tail was re-tuned, now it is handling ok on taxi without brakes if pitch control is manual and is on minimum
- Autopilot now is starting engine and taxing to runway ok on parking start
- Radio now is turned off when plane is turned off on ground
- Radio now is unawailable on external views
- Plane airframe collapse sounds on hight speed and G-load now are more noticeable
- Random application crash on plane total explosion on collide were fixed
- New in-mission user interface design is implemented, it's only 80% ready and will be completed on next week
- We have added new map lines and zones for mission designers
- GUI hand-ups on flight map open and closing were fixed
- Too close disappear of MG cases was fixed
- Game Interface now not allows to Start a flight while you have not received the current game server statistics, this measure is excludes the situation when you have incorrect first flight results if this is your second visit to this server

#4009285 - 09/13/14 03:27 PM Re: Todays update [Re: Sim]  
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(Heterosexual)Tchaikovsky Ballet Fan
letterboy1  Offline
(Heterosexual)Tchaikovsky Ballet Fan

Joined: Dec 2000
Posts: 22,392
Columbus, GA USA
Getting better all the time!

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