Hi Everybody,

The traditional Friday update is waiting to be deployed for you later today. And while Loft and Jason are on their challenging business trip visiting the Americas most popular gaming media, we here at the studio are preparing all kinds of improvements for BOS.

Ammocounters that many of you have been waiting for are going to become available on both Bf 109 and on Ju-87. A nice improvement has been made to the DM - it is now possible to cause damage to enemys machine guns and cannons and practically disable them. There are also going to be visual changes - youll notice that weve implemented vapour trails and wingtip trails that often appear when a plane reaches critical angles.

FW 190 A-3 that some of you are eager to see in the game is planned to be released next week. And as were doing our best to make it happen, check out this short flight video featuring the fighter.