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#3977887 - 07/08/14 03:28 AM Re: Train derails in Montana, Boeing fuselages in the river [Re: Chaz]  
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Joined: Aug 2001
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Originally Posted By: Chaz
Originally Posted By: vocatx
Originally Posted By: EAF331 MadDog
They're gonna try to salvage the bodies and fix them up.

I'm sorry, but even knowing how extensive airframe inspections are, I wouldn't want to fly in a plane that had rolled down the side of a mountain before it was completed.

Not quite a mountain side accident.... back in the day I flew the Saab 340. Had the pleasure of flying N366PX. This aircraft rolled into a ditch at the Memphis Intl Airport. The aircraft was not chalked after parking. The parking brake is hydraulic powered so overnight, pressure eventually bled out and it rolled away.

A new wing spar among other repairs and she was deemed airworthy. Naturally, the aircraft was nicknamed the "ditch b!tch". She always flew a little crooked since...... Apparently, now it's flying for an airline in Honduras.

Hope you have no plans to fly that airline anytime soon. Scary, what the guys will approve for sale.

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#3977989 - 07/08/14 01:07 PM Re: Train derails in Montana, Boeing fuselages in the river [Re: Chaz]  
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As long as any damage is repaired following approved methods and procedures there shouldn't be an issue. They could be written off from a cost perspective or a liability perspective from having a large amount of damage and not worth being repaired, or the perception that the airframe is tainted now, an incident later could point (inconclusively probably) that the airframe was in a major incident and that would not look good in a civil suit.

I think most of the general public might be slightly alarmed at the level of maintenance that is required, especially on older airframes on a regular basis. Skins and structural members crack and are stop drilled or replaced, components are rebuilt, retested, and reinstalled routinely. Its when the work is done improperly, contrary to maintenance instructions...where things go wrong. Which if you think about it, given the amount of commercial air travel in the US and all the maintenance that goes on..its really impressive incident rates are so low.

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#3978561 - 07/09/14 12:44 PM Re: Train derails in Montana, Boeing fuselages in the river [Re: Chaz]  
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