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#3973584 - 06/27/14 02:49 AM Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos -- solution to "Wolf's Lair" broken mission  
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Joined: Jan 2004
Posts: 400
At some point in Act II you are required to locate a secret Marauder base.
It's the "Wolf's Lair" mission.

If you found this post because you suspect that something is wrong with the mission, you've come to the right place. Indeed there's a problem. And here I give you a simple solution -- guaranteed to work.

Let's quickly recap:
So you found the Dainn II L-point (in the Firefrost system), and you have hidden in the Junk to avoid detection from a Marauder patrol, and then a Marauder Transport has come out of the L-point. Clay has suggested you to use it (the transport) as a cover.

What should be happening (the good case):
The transport comes out of the L-point and immediately starts a bend to go somewhere specific. It will go LDS shortly. You are supposed to target it and use the Formate autopilot without wasting time, so to follow wherever the transport leads.

What likely happens instead (the bad case):
The transport comes out of the L-point and stops there. Mission broken.

The solution:
Destroy the transport. A new one will come out of the L-point in a minute.
The new transport may or may not do the right thing.
If it does: you know what to do smile
If it sits duck: you destroy it and wait for the next one. Repeat as needed.

You may have to destroy a few transports before seeing one that moves. Have faith.
And it won't be a waste of time: each transport drops rare cargo pods. Jafs will be busy wink

One caveat:
The Marauder patrol idling nearby will become a problem. My advice is to kill it right away.
And here is why...
Case A) The transport doesn't move and you are forced to destroy it in order to try your luck with the next transport. Obviously, in the moment you attack the transport the patrol is going to see you.
Case B) The transport moves and you formate with it. But in the moment you power up the LDS drive, the patrol is going to see you. They will fire an LDSi missile, so forcing you to wait for the next transport.

See? You'll have to deal with the Marauder patrol in any case.

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#4642953 - 02/23/24 02:16 PM Re: Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos -- solution to "Wolf's Lair" broken mission [Re: Comet]  
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Joined: Feb 2024
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I tried waiting many freigthers, but they never moved forward.

Then I left a single cargo container in the middle of the red circle at the L point, and the next freigther started moving right away. Oh and freigthers seem to only spawn when Im in the hiding spot.

I hope this helps.

#4643062 - 02/25/24 02:33 PM Re: Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos -- solution to "Wolf's Lair" broken mission [Re: Comet]  
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Joined: Apr 2006
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Buffalo, NY
Wow, that is some serious necro!
Great game though, I think I have it on GOG. Might be worth a replay.

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#4643195 - 02/28/24 04:06 PM Re: Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos -- solution to "Wolf's Lair" broken mission [Re: Comet]  
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Joined: Oct 2000
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What would be amazing is if Comet came back to say thanks, he's been waiting ten years for the answer.

No, now go away or I shall taunt you a second time!

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