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#3970765 - 06/20/14 07:11 PM Dev Update 68  
Joined: Sep 2001
Posts: 9,581
Sim Offline
Sim  Offline

Joined: Sep 2001
Posts: 9,581
Hi Everybody!

A bag of small, but positive and long-awaited news is much more pleasant than one single big good news update, isnt it?
Adding FW 190 to early access would have been dull and even boring for you. So why dont we wait for it for another 2 or 3 weeks and simply enjoy what we have due to this weeks achievements.

First of all, good news for pragmaticс, prudent virtual pilots: the Standard edition will stay in the Store and keep its price until the game release later in September 2014. Note that the two extra planes can always be purchased separately. You can buy both or the one you like most - you decide. First, the La-5 - goes on the virtual store shelf in a few days at the end of the month. Then the Fw-190 A-3 will become available as soon as its ready and becomes playable in BOS.

Meanwhile we decided to give you a rather small and symbolic, but still important gift: Founder status along with golden and silver bars will be presented to anyone who buys the game before the launch in September 2014. Youre the most loyal community that our project has, so we just cant overlook your heartfelt belief in the game and your participation in development.

Those who have no time to read forum news on Mondays should be informed that we announced a new flight sim project called ILya Muromets which is devoted to the history of military aviation usage by the Russian army on the south-west front of WWI. The star of the show will be the unique Sikorsky designed aircraft that introduced large four-engine bombers to aerial warfare. You can find more info about the project at the official website: And of course, feel free to ask us questions about it and engage in discussion in the official forum:

And IL2:BOS is waiting for a traditional Friday update today. An important feature that has been a temptation for quite a long time is now here; the big Stalingrad map is going to be added to Multiplayer. The endless Volga steppes and breathtaking icy ruins of the city are waiting for you there. Were expecting some feedback from you as always: the map is big, and performance issues are normally expected. Your feedback is the guiding light that we just cant live without. By the way some graphical optimization has been made and applied which means that (hopefully) some of you will get to play BOS with a noticeably better visual performance. Also, ground vehicles and projectile physics we optimized as well - this means a good chance for more complicated and complex mission to run on the same mid-core hardware that used to perform poorly before the update. And of course a pack of older bugs was fixed including IL-2 flaps, odd client crashes, etc Traditionally, well announce it on the forums when the update arrives!

Have a nice weekend everybody!

P.S.: We're also working at some landscape variations improving the vegetation on the map, so here's a few screenshots of what we got at the moment.

#3970821 - 06/20/14 09:50 PM Re: Dev Update 68 [Re: Sim]  
Joined: Aug 2010
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theOden Offline
theOden  Offline

Joined: Aug 2010
Posts: 1,613
nice pictures.
It all used to be white but now it's all.. white instead.

#3971317 - 06/22/14 09:57 AM Re: Dev Update 68 [Re: Sim]  
Joined: Mar 2009
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PrivateNoob Offline
PrivateNoob  Offline

Joined: Mar 2009
Posts: 156
Very nice, not to much performance issues for me on the big map, its those pillars of smoke
that seem to give me some lag. And its multi-player I mean.

NVM, I found the ground troops lol.... salute

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