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#3966238 - 06/11/14 05:41 PM Dev Update 67  
Joined: Sep 2001
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Joined: Sep 2001
Posts: 9,581

Id like to apologize to those whos used to reading our diaries on Fridays because weve skipped a couple of them recently. The project is on its finish line, and we find it hard to come up with all-fresh news hooks. We have so much to do and theres so few time left. But I feel sad for being that involved in high-speed development and not in talking to you more. Thats why Im making this blog although theres still no news because were working real hard.

Every Friday you get new versions for Early access, and we get your feedback, fix found bugs and prepare small additions for future. This version is not an exception, and whats new is that I going to tell you the change log even thou we normally dont do that.

Weve been persistent enough and we managed to convince our engineers to make a step back from epic tasks and finally fix the compasses.

A tactic-changing element has also been added. From now on incoming air will put pressure on the flaps when you try to release them during a high speed flight. This will only have effect on two aircraft: Yak-1 and IL-2 since they have a pneumatic gears drive. Hydraulics would cope with the pressure but not the pneumatics. Note that nothing is going to happen if you gain speed with the flaps released all the time because they are locked hard in set positions. So, youre free to experiment and learn about the corrections that may need to be made for further aerial combat experiences.

Also we keep working on the stats system applying first versions of it to multiplayer. Its practically complete but there are still many bugs in it. Todays update removes most of them, for instance, negative score points after the flight. Several new elements will be also included such as team score (coalition score points) and updated logics of scoring when your team wins.

Issues with friction of some planes has been fixed; you may have noticed that they used to dig the nose down in case of belly landing.

We keep on optimizing the game because we believe that good graphics is not really pleasant if you dont get decent performance. Some performance problems have been resolved, some are still there. Finding and fixing these bugs is a painstaking work which requires lots of patience both from you and us.

Im not going to describe all the minor fixes, reading these details is not worth your time - Ive told you the key things already. And the last thing I wanted to tell you today: were fine and the work is going as planned even thou good summer weather and pretty girls are against it - planes is whats inspiring us.

#3966430 - 06/12/14 12:09 AM Re: Dev Update 67 [Re: Sim]  
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Joined: Jan 2005
Posts: 565
Menifee, CA
The 109F fm has changed. Seems like it's not on rails anymore and acceleration is down slightly.

Yak is more maneuverable.

#3967049 - 06/13/14 03:50 AM Re: Dev Update 67 [Re: Sim]  
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Joined: Jun 2001
Posts: 11,171
Redlands, California
The 109 FM was never "on rails."

#3967417 - 06/13/14 06:20 PM Re: Dev Update 67 [Re: LukeFF]  
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Joined: Dec 2009
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Originally Posted By: LukeFF
The 109 FM was never "on rails."

Agreed. It seemed actually a bit more loose than the Russian bird (I assumed this was true to real life, as it's longer tail makes for more elevator leverage)

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