Had an interesting couple of rounds in MWO last night, got messaged by a vague acquaintance that their FRR 12-man team was short a guy and asked if I could fill in. As I was pugging at the time, I joined up.

First thing I noticed: Everybody is basically running the same 4-5 mechs. Victor DS, Phract 3D, Shadowhawk, Jenner or Firestarter for lights. I felt a bit out of place in an Atlas but I don't care for the jump-snipe type gameplay and was determined to do it my own way.

The team was pretty well organized, with Light lance, Med/Hvy Lance, and Assault lance with good comms ( we were on Alpine for the first match and finding the enemy can be half the game ). Engagement started with us on the high ground and the other team taking the north pass in the valley behind the radio tower. I slowly snuck into the crease on the low ground while the bouncy mechs shot PPCs at each other.

The next thing I noticed: Nobody is running AMS. My Atlas with a paltry 3 LRM5 launchers was having a field day once I got within 700 meters or so. Took one mech with LRMs and 2 more with the AC20 before they got me. We ended up losing 10-12 but it was a fun match regardless.

A dedicated LRM mech in that battle would have cleaned house. Even a HGN-733P with mixed LRM/PPC loadout would have been brutally effective.

Robots are stealing my luggage.