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#3948795 - 05/04/14 03:39 AM Best controls for fine tunning.  
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Joined: Mar 2007
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In your opinion which are the aircraft's controls which most benefits from assigning an analog axis? I am programming a combined Warthog-Cougar, I will need to know which controls must use on analog and which axis would convert to digital. I plan to make the profile as generic as possible, so I need information about real life, for IL-2 and CoD.


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#3949069 - 05/05/14 12:12 AM Re: Best controls for fine tunning. [Re: Aullido]  
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Do you mean basically this, when you talk about analog / digital controls?

-digital etc... you must have wide range of motions? (like your roll pitch axis in main joystick)

-analog etc on / off switches only? (like landing gear for example on/off switch only, in most aircraft)

-suggestions for wide range of motion: throttle, flaps, prop pitch, trim controls for pitch roll and yaw (the last one same as rudder)

-you could use radiator for single positions, with simple button commands, such as, generalized position settings 100%, 20% 50% 0% etc...

-war emergency power on/off single position simple button

-you also need single positions with simple buttons, with, supercharger stage increase and decrease, and fuel mixture increase and decrease.

These would be for fighter aircraft.

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#3950615 - 05/08/14 03:57 AM Re: Best controls for fine tunning. [Re: Aullido]  
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Joined: Mar 2007
Posts: 483
Just to make myself more clear, I am looking for advice about the most useful/sensitive control for flight.

On IL-2 the flaps has 4 positions: Retracted, Combat, Take off and landing. Is worthwhile to assign an analog axis to this function? I read somewhere about a P-51 pilot mentioning setting their flaps to 26 degrees exactly, I don't know if that is combat flaps or the setting of an ace.

Prop Pitch is very important. I almost sure that is better to dedicate an axis to this function than trimming or flaps. I need to know the priority of the controls.

We only have 8 DX Axis, I am not sure if keep the cougar separated from TARGET to increase the number of analog axis or program the Warthog/Cougar to switch from 1 engine to two engine settings in the case of fighters. The Cougar's throttle is more ergonomic and have two very accessible analog axis at hand. If I combine the joysticks, I can still use programing to use the other axis as key senders, but that depends of the game's controls. Maybe with IL-2 the mixture adjust each 10% is fine enough and I could program this by key-press.

Thanks to Laurwin for his help and thanks in advance for further comments.

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