Of particular interest to me is the 7 min mark. Assaults and heavies due for some tweaking, but also autocannons, which he says are out performing their intended use (I agree).
I've felt that they were too powerful compared to energy weapons, so I'm glad they're being looked at to be put in their place a bit. I just hope that means accuracy/ROF, not more ghost heat.

I like the part about the Banshee too. Trying to make it look old school. I noticed when I got mine how raw and basic the cockpit is. The Atlas has nice red carpet, others looks more modern, but the Banshee has an exposed tube cage, more metal, like a race car without any creature comforts. Well done IMO.

The launch module sounds pretty good IMO. A private match night could be a LOT of fun with just us. The free version would probably suit us, I don't know why we would want to alter the time limit, and we can just agree about any tonnage type restrictions (if any). Sounds to me like the premium would only suit ladder gaming, probably with shorter time limits. No cbills, xp or cheevos in private matches. Who cares. Sounds like fun to me.


0:35 - Technical Director Matt Craig: What changes will Direct X 11 have on MechWarrior Online now and in the future, will that include SLI Support?

1:46 - Concept Artist Alex Iglesias: What were some of the design challenges with the newest Assault class BattleMech, the Banshee?

3:28 - Producer Matt Newman: What is the achievement system, how many achievements are there, and what types of rewards will we receive for completing achievements.

4:03 - Game Designer Alex Schmit: What is Launch Module and how will it affect both random battles and private matches?

7:00 - Lead Designer Paul Inouye: Insight into the recent jump-jet changes, heavy and assault chassis tuning, as well as the current state of weapon balancing.

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