RULE 1; Carefully read through the FAQ. The Vast majority of known issues have been dealt with already and there are solutions there.

Flight sims are complicated beasts. That's part of the reason so few are made anymore. Unfortunately, the more complicated something is, the easier it is to find something that doesn't appear to be working properly. If you find that is the case for you, may I please suggest the following very generic things to check to determine if you've found a real problem:

#1 Check your System specifications against the recommended ones for WOFF. Make sure you have the gear to fly properly!

#2 Make sure you have the most current WOFF patch installed.
WOFF ULTIMATE EDITION (WOFF UE) the current release is Version 4.24 (WOFF PE is the newer DLC for this).

#3 Un-install all Mods. Mods are great and people love them but for purposes of troubleshooting, deactivate them.
(you need to do this before patching). Often a mod can cause a problem, and we cannot support or troubleshoot with any installed, (even after removal problems may still remain -- see point #6)

#4 Try creating a new pilot in a different squad.

#5 Reset WOFF Settings in the Workshop. Put things back to defaults to see if that helps the issue.

#6 Try a fresh re-install of WOFF and the latest patch. Sometimes files get corrupted.
See FAQ document on HELP or DOWNLOAD pages of our website (Sections 17, 40, and others).

#7 Look over the forums and see if anyone else has already posted about the same issue. If they have, look to see if someone has already found a solution and try that.

If none of that works and you still have an issue, then by all means post. Some basic guidelines for posting are:

#1 Keep the subject title professional. Wild accusations or blanket statements that "WOFF is broken!" don't help. Something along the lines of "Error when clicking X?" or similar is much more professional and far more likely to get a better response from others, including the Devs.

#2 Keep the description of the challenge that you are having as brief but as accurate as possible. Preferably a paragraph or two and it should answer the following questions:

WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENS? (That you feel that shouldn't be happening), what is the precise wording on the error message (if any) ?
WHEN DOES IT HAPPEN? (Is there a specific place, plane, squadron, etc that seems to be when the problem occurs most often)

#3 Please don't post the dozen follow up errors that occur after the first one unless we ask for it. It's usually a first error that causes all the other things after it to fail.

We are very fortunate to have both a community that really helps one another and Devs who have been extremely responsive in getting patches out as warranted if there really is a problem with WOFF. Taking the time to do the few troubleshooting steps listed above and then, if necessary, posting concise, professional queries on how to resolve your issue will go a long way towards keeping our community a great place to visit when we aren't actually flying WOFF.

[Thanks to Hellshade for posting this]

New updated rule:

Do you have a problem but do have MODS installed? PLEASE START YOUR TOPIC/SUBJECT as
Modded Install: xxxxxxx

where xxxxx is your question/issue.

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