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#4530854 - 07/21/20 06:43 PM Re: Wish List for WOFF ***** [Re: Robert_Wiggins]  
Joined: Jan 2006
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Joined: Jan 2006
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USA (transplanted Scot)
Thanks Shredward, you are rather confirming my point. The British scouts certainly did Line Patrols as well as OPs and DOPs. But not I think 20 miles _behind_ the Lines? That’s the kind of thing one would like to see amended if at all possible.

Also agree with you on interceptions, cf. the radio-intercept based interceptions referred to by Yeates in his classic “Winged Victory”.

The RFC/RAF’s offensive posture founded a century-plus tradition for the RAF. We’ve been quite an offensive bunch ever since.



#4531272 - 07/24/20 11:00 PM Re: Wish List for WOFF [Re: Robert_Wiggins]  
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VonS Offline
WWI Flight Sims on a Mac
VonS  Offline
WWI Flight Sims on a Mac

Joined: Mar 2011
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I usually don't bother posting under the various suggestions threads since I'm more than pleased with WOFF as it is already - but a subtle/small suggestion for future versions of WOFF - if possible of course at the code level to implement - is to allow at least for partial control impetus once a wing or something fairly critical is knocked off of one's aircraft in a fight, or even after a random, serious failure during flight - for example, to still have some control from a remaining aileron, or from the rudder and elevator, etc., even if half of the wings go missing.

This might also occasionally increase survival chance by 10 or 20%, sometimes, when all else seems to have failed and one is hurtling towards the ground. (The sensation to go for is to get that "I'm struggling at the controls" feeling as you hurtle towards the ground - those who run modded FE2 will know what I mean - to have your hurtling wreck continue "listening" to the control stick - even though your remaining and limited control input may still be futile, in the end.)

Feel free to disregard this post OBD if not possible to do this with CFS3 code, or if it will require too many modifications - it's a minor (aesthetic) thing but thought I'd mention it anyway, all in the spirit of more immersion. I can always simply imagine that most control wires have been severed by that point and thus the total lack of input from the control stick as I turn into a meteor or spinning top.

Happy flying all,
Von S smile2

Last edited by VonS; 07/25/20 05:24 AM. Reason: Added info.

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