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#3844272 - 10/01/13 04:35 PM MWO - Want to add a third Hunchback  
Joined: Feb 2007
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malibu43 Offline
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malibu43  Offline
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Joined: Feb 2007
Posts: 2,603
I have an open mechbay and was thinking of adding a 3rd Hunchback (to compliment my SRM6 HBK-4SP and my AC20 HBK-4H). I had a -4P at one point that I completed basic on, so the ones I have are mastered.

I was thinking of another hunchback because 1) I don't feel like spending CB for a heavy or assault, and 2) I won't have to buy more than just one to get it elited.

I initially didn't like the P and sold the one I had, but I'm open to getting another one. I didn't put a lot time or CB into and just ran around in (probably) the stock config until I completed basic. However, this time, I'm willing to put a little more CB and time into it to make it work. I have a 260 engine left over from my CTF-1X that I'm planning on using in whatever HBK I buy.

Here's what I'm thinking for the 4P:


or for longer range punch:

I was also thinking of the -4J or -4G, but didn't really see anything that brought something really different to the table and was still very combat effective. 9ML's and a 260 engine seems pretty deadly...

This would give me some longer reach and still have some punch up close:

I'm thinking way ahead to "dropship" mode (or whatever it's called now) where I might take all 3 of my hunchbacks and use the -4SP or -4H if a close quarters map is selected, but then I could use the -4J if I end up on Alpine or Tourlamine... One downside of going with the -4P instead of the -4J would be that it doesn't really give me any longer reach than the other two I already have...

Thoughts? Anyone run any of these proposed builds and found them to be awesome/incredibly sucky?

(sorry for the rambling, train-of-thought post...)

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Sager NP8671 17.3" Notebook, i74720HQ (3.6GHz), GTX 970M (3.0GB), 8GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB 7200RPM HD, TrackIR 4, CH HOTAS and rudder pedals
#3844283 - 10/01/13 04:45 PM Re: MWO - Want to add a third Hunchback [Re: malibu43]  
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Clydewinder Offline
Mach 2 Infrared Orangutan
Clydewinder  Offline
Mach 2 Infrared Orangutan

Joined: Oct 2000
Posts: 6,836
New Berlin, WI United States
Both good builds IMO, clusters of medium lasers is no joke. The standard "pile-o-mediums" seems to always be effective.

Have you ever used the small pulse lasers? If you want to go fast and shoot backs there is nothing better. I ran a Blackjack-1X with 8 small pulse lasers and an XL295. Fast enough to sneak through enemy lines, dump off a pulse laser alpha bigger than an AC20, and get the heck out of dodge.

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