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#381631 - 06/24/02 12:37 AM 'Lo all!  


Hey guys,

I took the plunge and ordered Flanker 2.5 off of Amazon (in anticipation of LOMAC ).

I used to play Falcon4, until it began to get really complicated with the SP2 patch (I'm a student and don't have THAT much time to devote to a sim!). However, I've heard good things about Flanker, so I'm gonna see what comes.

I have a couple of questions:

1. What are the must-have downloads? As far as scenery, mods, or realism patches.

2. I realize this is a sticky question, and hope you take it in good faith. I was wondering if someone might send me the pdf manual from the CD I've ordered so I can print it out and study it while I'm waiting for the CD to come. Please don't flame me. I don't have a pirated copy, I just wanted to do some studying before the game gets here. If it's not cool, fine .

3. I was also wondering what kind of online community there is for flanker. I fly Il2 online quite a bit, so I think this aspect would be great. Granted I'm sure I'll be shot out of the sky thousands of times .

Thanks for the help!



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#381632 - 06/24/02 02:18 AM Re: 'Lo all!  


I ordered from Amazon, & got the disk quickly.

All upgrades are a part of the installation process. There is nothing further to download.

The website is where Flanker flyers hang out as well as here.

You might want to consider getting a Saitek X45 as well for taking control of your Soviet fighters.

Thats it.

#381633 - 06/24/02 02:36 AM Re: 'Lo all!  


Coincidentally when I was at CompUSA today looking for Flanker, I was drawn to the x45 and was trying it out...

Only problem is I have to save up for my trip to England in a month, so definitly after I get back


#381634 - 06/24/02 05:39 PM Re: 'Lo all!  
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Joined: Dec 2000
Posts: 1,664

Do yourself a favor and go to the Saitek Help
Forum at this site. I own an X-45 and liked the hardware - but Saitek software is the pits. But there is hope in the form of Hazardscript and Dauzhimmer drivers. I am waiting for them to get the rotaries working fully with those drives. Still browse through the the Saitek Help Forum at this website.
You know what the hardware looks and feels like - now see what your peers have to say.

If you were to pin me down - I would say go with a USB CH setup.

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#381635 - 06/27/02 07:27 AM Re: 'Lo all!  



Even though your version will be patched "right out of the box", there are still TONS of cool enhancements that you can install to make Flanker even better.
Check HAM's FJFS Flanker site. You'll find some cool ones there.

Also, you might want to consider downloading and installing some enhanced scenery for your Flanker 2.5.
I use MLK's scenery.

Of if you want some good training, hop over to Flanker562's site:
And the ole faithful Flanker2 forum:

Do a search for Flanker stuff.. you'll find just about anything you can imagine to make Flanker a better deal...


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#381636 - 06/27/02 04:56 PM Re: 'Lo all!  



I just went out and bought my first HOTAS last night in anticipation ...

Flanker's been shipped now, and is currently in Ohio, so I hope I get it by tomorrow or saturday .

And I'll definitly need those training missions!

Thanks again!


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