After spending a short afternoon unloading rack after rack of R60s at F15s in which I had dogfighted down to tail aspect, at 2 klicks away, and watching every missile being decoyed away by the Eagles sudden dumping of flares.

Didnt I read somewhere the US planes have been resimulated in 2.5 so as to NOT have Optical MLWSs. I'm running 2.51. Did 2.51 reintroduce MLWS in US planes? Does the F15 have some MLWS I dont know about.

Im not talking about Radar Lock Warnings, but dogfighted down using only Longitudinal Missile Aiming, and firing after only missile infra red lock. So there would be no radar turned on anywhere in there, or laser designator. In case F15s now have have laser sensors, like tanks.

I am so lazy, would rather just ask the forum than uninstall and reinstall only 2.50 to check if US plane MLWS is correctly modeled.

Does the Rich Meister frequent this forum at all?