these guys are coming out with a L-39 trainer sim for msfs 2000-02 and CFS 2. They are real fighter pilot from the Ukrainian AF and the sim is a copy from the real sim they use to train cadets.

here is one of his posts at

The more interest here in western world the more hi-end flight simulators will be contributed by developers into FS community.
As ex-AF pilots we have a lot of interesting things to model in FS, but everyone knows what any FS requies thousands of highly qualified man-hours invested, and someone should pay for them. So, all our future projects are in your hands guys.

Let me quote a reviewer impression about TLK-39:
"We would call it a "procedural
simulation". There have only been two flightsim aircraft like it ever
released. Do please tell everyone involved that it is one of the best simulations I have *ever* seen. I am seriously impressed."

His review will be published at shortly.

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Alex Pogensky

if you're interested. go here to vote for what you want them to model next...