Do you or would you like to consider yourself one of the best Flanker 2 pilots on the net? Have you watched the movie Top Gun or listened to the sound track only to stay up until the wee hours afterward flying Flanker? Then you may want to join the Flanker 2 Challenge Ladder and match your dogfighting skills with the best Flanker 2 pilots on the Internet.

As part of the Flanker 2 Challenge Ladder there are 4 Squadrons pilots can join, UKR, RUS, USA, and TUR. The UKR squad under the guidance and direction of Taurion and Mojo grew into the 333rd Punkbusters VFS. We in the 333rd would like to invite all to join the ladder. With the upcoming release of Flanker 2.5 and better missile play the ladder will be the place youll want to be if you are interested in flying Flanker online. If you would like to join a squad and are an active member of the ladder you could join the 333rd or one of the other squads. If you are not interested in joining the ladder but would still like to participate in a squad and online flying then you may still be able to join the 333rd after some test missions with some of the members and flying with the squad one night.

We take pride in the fact that all of our members follow and uphold our Honor Code of Conduct and all future members will have to meet those criteria before becoming a member of the 333rd. Our patch isnt just issued, its earned. We fly on Sunday nights and usually have between 6 and 8 guys slashing through the virtual skies of the Crimea. We are currently implementing a training regimen, which will feature most aspects of Air Combat (air and ground).

Most 333rd members can be found on almost every night hanging out at the Flanker_Oclub on mIRC. Stop by and chat with us if you are interested in flying or just talking about Flanker.

Louie Zeke Tokarz
CO 333rd VFS Punkbusters


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