Hello all!

The contest going on over at http://www.world-at-war.com is winding down. It's winding down, but it's not over, and certainly not to late to put your pen to paper, or digits to your keyboard and write up a story for the Contest!

If you have any skills at all writing, this contest is for you! All you have to do is write a "There I was" type piece about your experience in your favorite War Game, and submit it.

We will have several winners and prizes. The prizes will be games like "Rainbow Six Platinum" "Age of Sail II", and War Game of the year "Steel Beasts"! Plus we have exclusive Arm Patches from IL-2 Sturmovik!

You can go to World-at-War site with any questions, and to get a link to send in your story. Any questions you have can be put on the Special Events section of our forum, or just email info@world-at-war.com if you prefer. It's limited to the United States and Canada only, but if you have a friend there, use their address!

I hope to see one or two of you enter. It's all about FREE STUFF!

-Gregor 'Gecko' Veble