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#3732626 - 02/08/13 04:48 PM SimHQ Arma3 Sessions, who, what, when, where! ***  
Joined: Nov 2004
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adlabs6 Offline
adlabs6  Offline

Joined: Nov 2004
Posts: 19,790
Tracy Island
Who we are

We are a small group of players who meet weekly to play mostly co-op based missions. We have no "fixed" roles or rank of any sort, so if you want to be the squad lead for a mission you can be, if you want to just be a guy with a rifle the next mission that's perfectly fine! We also don't really have a needed "experience" level, if you what control does what in arma3 and how to point your gun in the general direction of the bad guys then that's enough for us! For more specific stuff, "on the job" training can be provided. We also use 'semi-serious' coms as well when the player count requires it (its a mix of TS and in game VOIP channels) but its mostly just TS smile

What type of missions do we play?

We play mostly co-op based infantry missions on various terrains. We also have combined ops missions as well which included various planes and helicopters. We also don't limit ourselves to one specific side, so we could be NATO forces one mission and rebel forces the next! We also accept join in progress and whilst we have a standing "dead is dead" rule, we do allow respawns if we want/need them. Were also not super strict rules wise, theres no "yes sir" rules, just follow what the squad leader asks dont be a total idiot and its all good. We also dont do "fixed" roles, so you could choose to be squad leader on mission, rifleman the next, to MG gunner after that. All roles are first come-first served though! smile

When do we play?

Monday @ 8pm EST - This is our 'main' session, it uses hand picked addons that suit our play style, along with many "in house" made addons that tweak the hand picked addons to our liking smile

Where do we play?

We play on the SimHQ dedicated server, filtering "SimHQ" in the game server browser should find us, failing that, our players on the SimHQ teamspeak server will help you. Details for our teamspeak server can be found here

You must be connected to the SimHQ TeamSpeak 3 server and in the SimHQ Arma 3 hosted channel before joining our online server. This is a mandatory requirement for participation. Anyone whos connected to the server during play sessions without being in the TS server WILL be kicked off.

So what do i need to play?

Firstly, you'll require both the Apex and Global Mobilisation DLCs (no need to have any of the others). All the other mods are on the steam workshop and if your a regular Arma3 player odds are that you'll have most of them already. The easiest way to download the required mods is by downloading our arma3 mod preset -

you can see the next post for a step by step guide for using the prests if needed

Mods will change every now and again slightly, with mostly just a few new things being added and depricated things being taken out, but plently of time will be given in advance in the once or twice a year it may happen.

Additional Suggested Reading

Dslyecxi's ArmA 3 Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures Guide
Hosted at Dslyecxi's popular Shack Tactical web site, reading this superb resource will give you new insight to ArmA series gameplay.

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#4332862 - 01/30/17 07:43 AM Re: SimHQ Arma3 Sessions, who, what, when, where! [Re: adlabs6]  
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Meatsheild Offline
Arma3 guy!
Meatsheild  Offline
Arma3 guy!
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Joined: Mar 2008
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Peoples Republic of Yorkshire
How do i get the right mods?

Open the Steam workshop and search for "SimHQ Retextuers and config edits" (without quotes) and it should be the first result that shows up. Open it up and click the click the nice big green subscribe button. You'll get a window that pops up showing you a list of required mods, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click continue. The list of mods has changed from those seen in the screenshots, but the process remains the same smile

Now open up the arma3 launcher, click on the little down arrow next to the "SimHQ Retextuers and config edits" mod and click on the "Fix dependencies" button
[Linked Image]

You'll have a window pop up, click the big button at the bottom
[Linked Image]

It'll disappear and steam should now go through each item and download it, how quick it takes depends on how fast your connection is through steam, its about 40GB, so make your best guess, either way, it'll take a while smile
[Linked Image]

When thats done, download this file and extract it somewhere safe, doesnt matter where, just has to be somewhere you know you wont delete it smile -

Now click the 'preset' button in the arma3 launcher and click import down the bottom, browse to the above file and open it
[Linked Image]

It should automatically create a preset where all the mods needed are auto selected and loaded, so when you want to play on the SimHQ server you just have to select "play with preset" down the bottom left smile
[Linked Image]

And thats it! This methods been tested so we know it works, but any issues, speak up! smile

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SimHQ Arma3 sessions, weekly semi-serious co-op action for all ages and skills! check the forum sticky for more info!,_who,_wha#Post3732626

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