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#3701144 - 12/18/12 01:09 AM SimHQ ACE  
Joined: Sep 2000
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citizen guod Offline
citizen guod  Offline

Joined: Sep 2000
Posts: 22,095

Questions & Answers

Q. Why ACE? What's the big deal with it?

A. SimHQ has run ACE in the past, back in 2010. While a few features weren't ideal for our group back then, the ACE mod and our group have matured over time. Both Taosenai and adlabs6 believe that ACE will offer our veteran and new players added interest and variety in gameplay.

Q. So now O.N.E. is being dropped for ACE?

A. NO! The O.N.E. package will remain a part of the SimHQ addon set. In fact it will likely be updated early in 2013 for added integration with ACE.

Q. What requirements do I need to play?

A. SimHQ registered member in good-standing. For the initial kick off using ACE, players will only need to have stock Arma 2/Operation Arrowhead (Combined Operations) and the SimHQ hosted ACE mod. Our other maps and the O.N.E. package will be reintroduced over time thereafter.

Q. How often ACE will be updated on SimHQ?

A. SimHQ is hosting it's own static version of ACE, which will be updated at non-specific intervals. When something new comes along in ACE that looks intersting, it'll be up for consideration.

Q. Will the SimHQ ACE be available via SIX?

A. No. Using SIX was our initial plan, and a good deal of work went into setup and testing. But there were technical limitations that prevented us from using SIX.

Q. Are we going to continue playing Military Monday, or switch to another date/time?

A. Same day, same time!

Q. Do I have to use Teamspeak?

A. All players must be on Teamspeak, listening at minimum. Players will need a microphone and be able to speak over Teamspeak in order to lead a fire team or squad. Please use the same name on Teamspeak that you use on the forums.

Q. I'm from Europe and I'd like to play but its too late to join. Can't we have a European time-friendly session?

A: We suggest you join us for Iron Front Saturdays! If you'd like to play, and don't have Iron Front, contact guod via PM. He has some free codes left for those who want to play Iron Front Saturdays.

Q. When is the first SimHQ Arma 2 ACE Event?

A. We will have an official test session on Military Monday, January 7, 2013. But you can test it soon as you get the download.


Installation of the SimHQ hosted ACE addon is the same as any of our other addons. Just place the folders extracted from the download into your Arma 2 root directory. The SimHQ hosted ACE folders have been appended with the SHQ prefix, so you can keep them separate from any other ACE installs you may have.

For your existing CBA addon, you may overwrite it.

In order for ACE to initialize and save user's preferences, they need to first configure Clippi.

1. Navigate to and run the executable at: @SHQ_ACE\clippi\aceclippi.exe

2. Click on the button "Change Manual Options" to create the ACE userconigs, and save any client side settings.

Players can launch their Arma2/OA ACE install using standard shortcuts, or third party launcher applications. For a shortcut, you'll need a launch parameter similar to the following:



Part 1 (710.29 MB) 710.29

Part 2 (788.69 MB)

Inline advert (2nd and 3rd post)

#3727229 - 01/29/13 07:45 PM Re: SimHQ ACE [Re: citizen guod]  
Joined: Sep 2000
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citizen guod Offline
citizen guod  Offline

Joined: Sep 2000
Posts: 22,095
Some supporting documentation that will be helpful...

Tao's Quick Start Guide


The addition of the excellent ACE mod to SimHQ's servers brings with it a number of new features and threats to be aware of.

Tao has prepared this Quick Start Guide for players unfamiliar with ACE to peruse in order to get up to speed on the features and reference as needed. It covers all of the most important ACE features for gameplay at SimHQ, with particular emphasis on those actions critical to infantry engagements and basic vehicle skills.

For more detailed documentation, see the official ACE documentation at


SimHQ uses TeamSpeak 3 and the in-game VON (voice over network) capability of Arma 2.

SimHQ TeamSpeak 3 server information (log-in required):

You must be connected to the SimHQ TeamSpeak 3 server and in the SimHQ Arma 2 hosted channel before joining
our online server. This is a mandatory requirement for participation.

WARNING: The TeamSpeak 3 "Overlay" plugin is known to cause Arma 2 to crash.

Joining an Event

SimHQ Multiplayer information

Server Name: SimHQ O.N.E. Arma 2 Server
Current version: v1.62

Password is listed in the SimHQ Teamspeak 3 channel for Arma 2.

If you're on the SimHQ Arma 2 server, you need to be on the SimHQ Teamspeak server.
SimHQ Teamspeak server info (login required):

First Time Server Connection

1) Filter the game servers using "SimHQ" in the game multiplayer section

2) Mark the server as a Favorite

3) Check to be sure your installation works BEFORE its time to play

4) If you can go into each map, you're okay to play

Administrating the SimHQ Arma 2 Server

If you find yourself on the server without an admin present and need to vote someone as admin,
you can use the following commands while on the server:

logout > Admin log out
vote admin (name or ID) > Users can vote an admin to control the server
missions > Select mission
restart > Restart mission
reassign > Start over and reassign roles

Required Reading: Do Your Homework, Soldier!

You need to read these articles for basic orientation before joining the SimHQ Armed Assault 2 Server!
Do you really want this guy mad at you?

Tactical Briefing Series

Tactical Briefing 01: Meet the Squad

Tactical Briefing 02: Formations

Tactical Briefing 03: Squad and Fire Team Movements

Tactical Briefing 04: Movement to Contact

Tactical Briefing 05: How to Plan and Execute a Squad Sized Assault

The Idiots Guide to Combat Radio
by Fransky

SimHQ ArmA 2 VON Communications
by adlabs6

Additional Suggested Reading

Dslyecxi's ArmA 2 Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures Guide
Hosted at Dslyecxi's popular Shack Tactical web site, reading this superb resource will give you new insight to ArmA 2 gameplay.

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