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#3691096 - 12/01/12 01:24 AM -Ice's Falcon BMS Helios Profile  
Joined: Jun 2005
Posts: 16,082
- Ice Offline
- Ice  Offline

Joined: Jun 2005
Posts: 16,082
Philippines / North East UK
Also posted over at the BMS forums

Hello guys!

Here is the initial release of my Helios profile for Falcon 4 BMS. It's designed to work with a touchscreen with a resolution of 1920x1080. I use this profile along with Morhpine's profile for the TM Warthog (with a few edits to the .key file) and Lightning's MFDE for the gauges.

This is the profile with the MFDE gauges and Helios running:

And this is what is extracted with MFDE:

DED, PFL, and MFDs are extracted via the built-in BMS extractor and these are the sizes and "relative coordinates" to help with getting them in place:
MFDs -- 347x347, 669 pixels from top edge, 64/1509 pixels from left screen edge for the left/right MFD
DED -- 369x140, 23 pixels from top, 1235 from left edge
PFL -- 369x140, 190 pixels from top, 1527 from left edge

I have it set up with the Borders option unticked.

Unfortunately, I don't think it is possible to setup MFDE to be as exact as this so I have provided a link to the screenshots above to help with positioning the gauges in MFDE.

Here are the needed files:
-Ice's Falcon BMS v14 -- place this on your /Documents/Helios/Profiles directory
Custom Images -- unzip to your /Documents/Helios/Images directory, so you should end up with a /Images/Helios Project directory and a /Images/Ice directory
.key file used -- put in your /BMS/User/Config directory. This is Morphine's profile with a few edits and adapted to Kolbe's format
Full layout and MFDE gauges only -- possibly set as wallpaper on touchscreen as a guide on placing MFDE gauges

I've whipped up a couple of Helios tutorials as well to help explain how to use Helios and should help with any necessary editing to the profile to make it work with your individual setups:


- Ice
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#3692206 - 12/03/12 04:35 PM Re: -Ice's Falcon BMS Helios Profile [Re: - Ice]  
Joined: Aug 2002
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Dachs Offline
Dachs  Offline

Joined: Aug 2002
Posts: 410
Right, thats the last straw, now I have to go install the latest BMS!!
I haven't touched Falcon for I don't know how long, but this simply looks to good to pass up on.
Thanks for putting this up Ice thumbsup

Off to do the dance then..

Fortes Fortuna Juvat
#3692666 - 12/04/12 11:27 AM Re: -Ice's Falcon BMS Helios Profile [Re: - Ice]  
Joined: Jun 2005
Posts: 16,082
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- Ice  Offline

Joined: Jun 2005
Posts: 16,082
Philippines / North East UK
Just so you know, you will need the original Microprose Falcon 4.0 .exe, not the AF .exe. See my Starting with Falcon 4 BMS Update 3 thread to help you with the install, but with BMS, there's no more dance as with the older versions of Falcon. Well, if you install mods and stuff, there's a bit of dancing required, but like I said, not like it used to be.

Welcome to BMS!

- Ice
#3738399 - 02/20/13 01:02 AM Re: -Ice's Falcon BMS Helios Profile [Re: - Ice]  
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Joined: Jan 2003
Posts: 7,276
Austin, TX
Wrong thread

Last edited by UnderTheRadar; 02/20/13 01:22 AM.

I have gaming PCs that run everything from MS-DOS 6.22 to Windows 7 64-bit

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