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#3674189 - 11/02/12 05:56 PM Star Citizen AMA (interesting)  
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Joined: Jul 2006
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Originally Posted By: Reddit Questions

Commander Roberts,
1. Will there be certain procedures involved in piloting the space craft? An example: Turn on fuel master switch, flux capacitor, press engine ignition button (in the 3d cockpit of course) and the computer starts the space crafts main engine. Example 2: Arm the weapons systems, and targeting computer via switches or MFD

2. I saw the pop out displays in the demo, Will these be multi function displays, with sub menus and such?

3.This question follows through with the other 2; How deep of a speculative simulation are you aiming for?
A. Arcade (no button flipping, no procedures, press shoot, you shoot)
B. Sim-lite (Minimal procedures to get systems up and running, you have to lower the landing skids your self, arming of weapons, ect.)
C. Full Sim (You will need a checklist)

and last but not least, How do you feel about squadrons controlling PVP through war / alliance declarations?
Thanks, Looking forward to this game!!!

Originally Posted By: Roberts

1. Yes, but pretty simple ones - its not going to go full hard core flight sim.
2. Yes they are and they have sub menus and such
3. My goal is to have the top level pretty easy and fun to get into but if you want to get your hands dirty and really dig in you can - so kind of B with the option of moving some stuff to C but you wont need to to have fun or do well in the game

#3674192 - 11/02/12 06:06 PM Re: Star Citizen AMA (interesting) [Re: shadylurker]  
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Joined: May 2002
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