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#3665543 - 10/19/12 02:43 AM War Hawks and MechWarrior Online  
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WH_Boomer Offline
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WH_Boomer  Offline
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Joined: Dec 2008
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Gulf Coast
~S~ Greetings all,

The War Hawks are looking for a few good folks to fill out the ranks of our MechWarrior Online section. Here's a brief video to say just what we're looking for:

The following is a clip from a recent article we've posted on our Home Page :


We've never done anything like this. We're the War Hawks. We're a die hard, ultra realistic, uber hardcore simulation group that would never even dream of touching anything without a 50 page checklist just to power up an engine. We sneer at video games. We point and giggle at those that would "play" them. In fact, within the War Hawks we even passed a constitutional amendment outlawing the use of the very word "play". We don't "Play" anything - we sim!

Well, kind of. Cast your eyes up to our masthead for a second. We're actually a 'tactical simulation squad' and while historically that's meant uber ultra hardcore realistic checklist driven simulations, our focus has actually been simpler than that. We thrive on teamwork, and we thrive in environments with depth, environments that punish the lone wolf hero type, and that reward well orchestrated tactics.

That's why we're getting involved with MechWarrior. Based on the ultra nerdy tabletop game Battletech, MechWarrior is a futuristic sim like squad based combat game. At first blush it's easy to mistake it for yet another first person shooter, but with giant robots equipped with lasers (fricking laser beams). It's a mistake though because hidden beneath the covers is a huge amount of depth.

Take a few minutes and visit our website, as you see we aren't tied strickly to one particular simulation. We have members that fly together in sims such as DCS: World, IL-2:1946, and Rise of Flight. We have members who enjoy the teamwork and tactics when we jump our own ArmA2 co-op missions. We have members who enjoy the teamwork required to complete group content in MMO's such as Star Wars and Guild Wars 2.
See a pattern here yet? crew TEAMWORK

If what we offer seems like what you're looking for, drop us an application from the Recruitment page and join the fun.

Respectfully submitted,

#3665575 - 10/19/12 04:24 AM Re: War Hawks and MechWarrior Online [Re: WH_Boomer]  
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Beat the Kobayashi Maru
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Beat the Kobayashi Maru

Joined: Apr 2008
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Love the recruitment video! LOL
Good luck with the squad. Can't say it's for me, I'm playing, not trying to take my entertainment too seriously. Tends to add to stress rather than relieve it (for me). Pretty sure we'll have a SimHQ squad going, seems to be forming already, but I'm sure some will want to go with your approach as well.

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#3665835 - 10/19/12 03:45 PM Re: War Hawks and MechWarrior Online [Re: WH_Boomer]  
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Joined: Aug 2001
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Moose Jaw, SK Canada
I enjoyed the video, very cool!

I will be waiting to see what develops with the community here for MWO, but definitely will keep you guys in mind.


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