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#3661495 - 10/12/12 03:53 AM A request for any future posts.  
Joined: Nov 2009
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Raptor9 Offline
Rotorhead / GFC
Raptor9  Offline
Rotorhead / GFC

Joined: Nov 2009
Posts: 217
Central US
This is just my opinion, and I hope it's taken with a grain of salt.

I'm starting to find it offensive how much bickering and other negative comments are being posted back in forth about what Combat Helo should be, shouldn't be, the development timeline, the constant comparisons to other competitors and such, etc...(although I imagine that putting it in the same boat as products released by larger studios could be construed as a compliment)

Flex has clearly stated on his Dev Blog, and here, his vision and plan for CH. He has also stated multiple times that he is exploring the various business decisions in front of him on how to finance and publish/distribute Combat Helo. Any decisions that he makes will be in the best interest for himself and any other programmers that have invested time in this software.

The DCS module debate was conducted earlier this year, and now it's being conducted again; on these forums, and now through comments on the Dev Blog website. The same arguments are being made by the same individuals. I would ask those individuals to conduct such debates elseware, such as through PM's, or other threads. If SimHQ readers want to read about the pro's and con's of the DCS series, they'll have all they can handle in the DCS threads without it spilling over into this section.

If you don't have anything constructive to say, don't bother saying it. Complaining in these threads is pointless. No product has been published, no money has been taken. Let's conduct ourselves in a mature manner.

Finally, to summarize...The more hostile of an environment we make the Combat Helo forums, the less likely any of us should expect updates or posts from Combat Helo team. ED's DCS forums aren't a very friendly place, between the developers/testers or the users. Let's keep that atmosphere from happening here, please. All of us here are fans of aviation, the Apache, most likely both.

Let's encourage our mutual obsessions, not use them for virtual potshots. cheers

Afterburners are for wussies...hang around the battlefield and dodge tracers like a man.
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#3661530 - 10/12/12 07:10 AM Re: A request for any future posts. [Re: Raptor9]  
Joined: Mar 2010
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Rich_Price Offline
Rich_Price  Offline

Joined: Mar 2010
Posts: 128
+1!! copter

#3664631 - 10/17/12 06:33 PM Re: A request for any future posts. [Re: Raptor9]  
Joined: Dec 2001
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ricnunes Offline
Senior Member
ricnunes  Offline
Senior Member

Joined: Dec 2001
Posts: 4,836

Sorry, but you seem to have completly missed the point of what forums are for! Forums are exactly for this, to discuss things and sharing diferent points of view and oppinions regarding something or some subject, that's why this is called a 'discussion forum'.
If you don't want to see discussions than I'm afraid forums aren't the places on the Internet where you should lurk in.

You don't like this sort of discussion? Do as I do when a discussion doesn't interests me: simply ignore it!

What I also mean is that as long as the discussions are respectfull and on-topic or even slightly off-topic here or in any other forum everything is OK! And as far as I've seen all the discussion of Combat-helo Vs DCS and DCS module have been respectfull so far at least here in the Combat-helo forum (I don't know about the DCS forums as I rarelly visit them - So you see what I mean above?) so again I don't see the point of your post.

Yes, I grant that the Combat-helo Vs DCS and DCS module discussion have taken a considerable number and percentage of posts/threads here in the Combat-helo forum but one have to understand that as times goes by new people become new members and become aware of this project (and thankfully so) and unfortunally or fortunally (depends on the point of view) some/many combat flight simmers have the oppinion that DCS sims and modules are the best thing out there which is NOT MY OPPINION but I can understand their point of sugesting that Combat-helo should become a DCS module and at the same time there are other new members and combat flight simmers that like me don't like the DCS sims for a variaty of reason and also have the oppinion that Combat-Helo should be a stand-alone sim and even a DCS competitor and should also have the chance and ability to post their oppinions as well!

Also, forums beside being places to discuss things they are also places to give feedback to developers and the best feedback usually comes during and after discussions. So for example a feedback/oppinion of mine is that if Combat-Helo becomes a DCS module I simply won't purchase it but this is an oppinion that must be respected together with other completly oposing oppinion of including Combat-helo as a DCS module. Anyway, this oppinion that I just posted may for some people be pointless for this game in general but for the devs could be an indication that if Combat-Helo becomes a DCS module that some followers/certain customers won't buy the game but whi knows? What seems a pointless oppinion for some can at the same time be usefull for others...

Regarding the part that "Flex has clearly stated on his Dev Blog, and here, his vision and plan for CH", yes it's true but you also seem to forget that plans can change very quickly, specially in a project that seems to be very far from being finished such as Combat-helo and yes, I believe there's a chance that Combat-Helo could become a DCS module (despite that aparently isn't Flexman's desire - but money usually talks louder, specially in these days) so I will do anything that is in "my power" to prevent this (Combat-Helo a being DCS module) and my only "power" for this is giving my oppinion on this forum (official Combat-Helo forum) and at Combat-Helo blog while of course being respectfull regarding the 'opposing oppinion'! wink

Don't know if this makes sense but I gave "best shot"...

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