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#3662189 - 10/13/12 10:53 AM Re: Combat-Helo development starts again at the end of September! [Re: CTR69]  
Joined: May 2009
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Hell Drummer
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Hell Drummer

Joined: May 2009
Posts: 7,033
In the end, I think, it all boils down to what we perceive it's happening...

Click to reveal..

"It takes forever +/- 2 weeks for the A-10 to get anywhere significant..."

"Ha! If it gets him on the deck its a start!"

"What people like and what critics praise are rarely the same thing. 'Critic' is just another one of those unnecessary, overpaid, parasitic jobs that the human race has churned out so that clever slackers won't have to actually get a real job and possibly soil their hands."
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#3662244 - 10/13/12 02:19 PM Re: Combat-Helo development starts again at the end of September! [Re: CTR69]  
Joined: Feb 2012
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Joined: Feb 2012
Posts: 153
Me? I'm just hoping that I'm still alive by the time it gets released.

loc: Northern California
#3662532 - 10/14/12 03:44 AM Re: Combat-Helo development starts again at the end of September! [Re: CTR69]  
Joined: Feb 2008
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toonces Offline
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Joined: Feb 2008
Posts: 850
Honolulu, Hawaii
You know, I'm really rooting for this sim. I will even go so far as to say this is guaranteed money in the bank. That's easy for me to say, though, since I'm not the one investing in it.

Still, this game really has no competition and the market is locked and loaded for it. If I thought DCS was going to actually compete against it I might be more skeptical. But as far as I've been able to tell, DCS does NOT have an Apache in the works any time soon. Further, even if they did, I'm not sold on DCS as the best thing since sliced bread, especially in single player. There is a niche here dying to be filled and, from the little we've seen, Combat Helo has the potential to fill a desperately wanted niche. As long as the sim isn't a dog it almost can't fail.

Unfortunately, I'm not hearing much to make me enthusiastic. I'm not even hopeful anymore. I'm more of a "if they build it, I'll buy it, somebody let me know when it's on the shelf for purchase."

"A week or even a month for someone basically saying "shucks, this is pants" maybe. But their banhammer only has the forever setting. Gotta set phasers to stun for the localization of female undergarments, not kill yo." - Frederf
#3663170 - 10/15/12 01:53 PM Re: Combat-Helo development starts again at the end of September! [Re: CTR69]  
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Sierra Hotel

Joined: Feb 2000
Posts: 49,716
Space Coast, USA
DCS, and LOMAC and Flanker before it, were never strong in SP.

Quite frankly, if someone else did a study sim of the A-10C it's quite likely we'd like it more than ED's. However, the odds of that happening are worse than winning the lottery, so if you want the A-10C in combat, DCS is it. So I don't doubt that even if it was a lower-fidelity sim of the Apache than ED would make, I'd probably enjoy CH's one more.

The Jedi Master

The anteater is wearing the bagel because he's a reindeer princess. -- my 4 yr old daughter
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