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#3631976 - 08/24/12 02:00 PM Take On Hinds Teaking Project  
Joined: Nov 2001
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Avimimus Offline
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Avimimus  Offline
Two-speed Five-Blade Fan
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Joined: Nov 2001
Posts: 3,214
Here is my todo list.

For Modders:
  • Decrease the maneuverability of the 9M114, Massively decrease maneuverability / off-boresight and attempt to reactivate semi-active-laser code for the IGNWE (and possibly adding the Mokopa).
  • Tweak the flight model's high-speed handling to better model the maneuvering effects and transitional lift of the stub wings.
  • Change infantry configs so that they use small arms against aircraft (and tanks so that they use their main-guns).
  • Add burst modes and dispersion to cannons.
  • Add dispersion and burst modes to rockets (either by modeling them as guns OWP style, or by using scripts ACE style).
  • Add increased recoil effects (e.g. shaking) for the Gsh-30K (this one might be a challenge for scripters).
  • Reduce the daylight (normal vision) brightness of missile/rocket engine flares and explosions.
  • Dim the brightness of the Hind's gunsight in order to make the fact that it is just a texture (as opposed to an actual reflector gunsight) is less glaring.
  • Lots of opportunities to create mixed loadouts (rockets and bombs) add more varied weapons loads (PKT door guns, KMGU, FAB-100, ZAB incendiary bombs, 9M114 missiles on the middle hardpoints, 9M114F, S-24, GUV-8700 30mm grenade launcher, as well as the, GUV mini gun variant and the window mounted PKT — although these last two may be a bit harder to get working).

For Mission Makers:
  • Add counter insurgency-ops, medivacs, escort missions and insertions.
  • Create COIN versions of the default missions (with fewer vehicles and less predictable enemy locations)
  • A mercenary campaign is a particularly interesting possibility that is essentially left out of the official package.

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#3632078 - 08/24/12 04:13 PM Re: Take On Hinds Teaking Project [Re: Avimimus]  
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Check out my
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Joined: Dec 2009
Posts: 3,462
Ok, so this really isn't a project, it's just a wish list?

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#3632312 - 08/25/12 12:31 AM Re: Take On Hinds Teaking Project [Re: Avimimus]  
Joined: Nov 2001
Posts: 3,214
Avimimus Offline
Two-speed Five-Blade Fan
Avimimus  Offline
Two-speed Five-Blade Fan
Senior Member

Joined: Nov 2001
Posts: 3,214
Initially. The wishlist is brainstorming. A number of these areas can be addressed in the configs, others would require 3d work or scripting. I can work on some areas, but we'd need other talents to do everything (and 10% of the items might not be possible).

Anyway, I'll look into it a bit when I get a chance. This thread is to see if anyone else is interested.

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