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#3614457 - 07/26/12 11:58 PM Low-diskspace modpacks? (Or: Which mods?)  
Joined: Oct 2006
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Joined: Oct 2006
Posts: 1,801
Are there any low-diskspace modpacks? Preferably for 4.11?
Or unknown modpacks that just add things like sounds, map repaints, fancy new effects, better flight models or weapons know, none too specific stuff; nothing like "Bf-109F-4 Trop with cut off antenna, missing windshield armor and the Reichsmark that fell out of Marseille's pocket during one mission. With 32bit 4096*4096 textures!"

Or do I have to hunt down suitable mods myself?

If so, I'm interested in Eastern Front Bf-109 or Fw-190 flying.
I know there's a Bf-109 cockpit mod (also Low-Res) and the pack for improved external 109 models. I'll also hunt down a sound mod for the DB-60x as well as the leaner radio chatter.

But what's there in terms of maps?
In general, I prefer more accurately placed objects (or more objects) instead of fancy high-res textures.

Also, what other stuff that could be useful (accuracy > appearance > HD)?

And, will it work in 4.11.1?
(I'm not afraid of trial and error)

I simply can't spare the disk space (laptop, 80GB HDD, dual boot, MSFS...) for behemoths like UP3 (4.10) or HSFX6.0.

- Edit:

Okay, this is getting complicated...

I've got a Modact for 4.11 installed (plus the buttons file) and tried to get the "Ultimate 109 2.1" and "Low Res Cockpits v4"* mod to run.
Both mods are in my "MODS" folder (e.g. MODS\00_BF109_Ultimate_Pack_v2) and I've edited the air.ini, etc...accordingly.

The sim crashes at 100% when loading a mission.

What did I do wrong?

Do I need the "Diff_FM" file? Do I need to activate all the mods with JSGME regardless?

*4.11 does not accept mods done for 4.10. Weird.

- Edit 2:

Diff_FM for 4.11 in MODS\Diff_FM didn't help. Still crashing at 100%.

- Edit 3:,20973.msg232083.html#msg232083

That did it. Missions load now.

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#3615899 - 07/29/12 03:05 PM Re: Low-diskspace modpacks? (Or: Which mods?) [Re: Heretic]  
Joined: Oct 2006
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Joined: Oct 2006
Posts: 1,801
Well, if anyone cares, I've settled for:

Ultimate Bf-109s 2.1
Bf-109 cockpits V4 (low-res)
Default maps repaint
SAS sound mod package
Resampled default speech
Low particle effects

Performance is good and I'm quite enjoying the new AI in 4.11.

Any other mods from 4.09 that might be worth getting?
Suggestions for a well performing cloud/sky mod?

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