I currently only get about 20- 53% on all 3 of my GPUs with vsync enabled.
Is this normal since it is only rendering my 60Hz refresh rate & does not stress the GPUs when they render more fps?
If in turn off vsync the propeller renders a bit like an old VHS tape with bad tracking.

I was using the 12.7 beta drivers and it was really choppy at times and I would get huge drops in my fps.
I switched back to the AMD Catalyst 8.97 18 April drivers and a lot of the stuttering has gone away.
These drivers from the benchmarks this guy does scores the highest of all the AMD drivers to date.

Link to the driver

Link to the modded driver that unlocks the settings below.

Unlocked Temporal AA
Unlocked High Quality AF
Unlocked Geometry Instancing
Unlocked LOD option
Unlocked Test Custom Clocks and Auto-Tune options under OverDrive