Welcome to NEW PILOTS for Over Flanders Fields, before you plough on in, PLEASE take 5 minutes to read some of the FAQ it will save you potentially hours, and us too thanks!

Simply go to the FAQ and click on "Installation and settings" button at the top, and it will step you through configuring OFF, and also mentions the simple setting for Vista and Windows 7 - all step by step so best to follow that advice initially. Read it carefully and you should be good to go.


There are many other tips and answers there too.


Like many sims and games out there yes you normally need to set OFFManager.exe and CFS3.exe to run as administrator on Windows 7 or Vista - see FAQ link above.
Yes like many other sims and games you also need to install other components like FULL DirectX9 runtime on Windows 7 / Vista for example (See FAQ link above).
OFF installer actually in many cases needs less components than many as it often will take care of most it its needs under the hood without bothering you but those two things you will need to do.

The rewards are usually great though smile so take a few minutes to read through before you rush in and you should be happy as Larry in a sandpit wink.

Please NOTE this technical forum is only for Over Flanders Fields: Betwean Heaven and Hell (known as Phase 3) or its Hat In The Ring! Expansion
We do NOT support the free/very old Phase 2 or Phase 1 here.


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