Flexman and AD...

I think you guys have made wonderful progress and even though the goal line seems far away I would like to encourage you guys to keep going.

You may not remember me... But I'm the guy who told you I was going to build a rig specifically for your game (This is NOT a guilt trip), and I did. Built it from scratch. This rig has gone through a lot of upgrades through the years waiting on a product from you guys. Do not get me wrong, the rig has seen lots of cool sims since then... But it's original purpose was to specifically play your game.

I'm still waiting for this simulation/game... And I do not mind the waiting at all. Even if it takes 10 years. I just beg that you guys to not give up. The game looks beautiful so far and will be a wonderful addition to our sim community.

Please hang in there and do not give up even though it's May. Let the game hang on the back burner for a while if need be... But please do not trash all of the effort you have put into it and throw it away. That would just be silly.

My rig and I will wait. It knows it's original purpose as do I.

The Faithful Goat Who Has Been Following For Years (I'm not a stalker though... Your RL is safe)