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#3563861 - 04/28/12 09:22 AM Re: Blog Post for April 26 is up! [Re: Force10]  
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Broadside_Uda_Barn Offline
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Joined: Jul 2009
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Honolulu, HI
Originally Posted By: Force10
Darn....was hoping the Career mode would get a little love. With all of these cool toys it would be great if they could work on getting it out of beta.

You know they want to have an outstanding career mode....why wouldnt they?
Absolutely, RoF wants to be the definitive ww1 sim. No doubt that they do.

It's got to be a work in progress though. These releases fund the work on the AI and the career mode, but it's going to be incremental.
Certainly they are working to get the career mode out of beta. No doubt there. It'll be great, complex, and with many options smile

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#3563865 - 04/28/12 09:31 AM Re: Blog Post for April 26 is up! [Re: 777 Studios - Jason]  
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Hell Drummer

Joined: May 2009
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Done my duty as a ROF lover.

Heheh got it? ROF lover! wink


you know...

rof as in rough...


I just meant I bought as much as I honeslty could.
Can't wait to try them! biggrin

Click to reveal..

"It takes forever +/- 2 weeks for the A-10 to get anywhere significant..."

"Ha! If it gets him on the deck its a start!"

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#3563891 - 04/28/12 11:46 AM Re: Blog Post for April 26 is up! [Re: swingman]  
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RoFfan Offline
RoFfan  Offline

Joined: Jun 2010
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Originally Posted By: swingman
I do hope weight and drag is modeled for the extra weapons, so that we get the compromise between agility and firepower.

They are modeled, but we do not know if the result will mimic WW1 pilot opinion.

#3565713 - 05/01/12 09:27 PM Re: Blog Post for April 26 is up! [Re: 777 Studios - Jason]  
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RocketDog Offline
RocketDog  Offline

Joined: May 2003
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Bath, England
Looks like an interesting set of mods. Should be good fun. Thanks, Jason!

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#3565773 - 05/01/12 11:18 PM Re: Blog Post for April 26 is up! [Re: 777 Studios - Jason]  
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meuhey Offline
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meuhey  Offline
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Joined: Apr 2011
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This weapon mod is fantastic, I'm really love the fact that the Halby and DH4 get 2 forward machine guns, the N28 will have balloon gun (incendiary ammo?), the 20mm cannons YES! The big davis gun on the HP LO! And the rockets WOW can't wait to see those in action with all the smoke and sound effect WOW PERFECT!!!

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#3565823 - 05/02/12 01:29 AM Re: Blog Post for April 26 is up! [Re: 777 Studios - Jason]  
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Freycinet Offline
Freycinet  Offline

Joined: Apr 2002
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So much fun to be had with this: all-cannon dogfights, all-prieur-rockets dogfights! Prieur rockets as unlimited ammo!! OMG.... hahaha

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