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#3556075 - 04/14/12 10:51 AM Sharks, TARS, and Warthogs  
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red_devil Offline
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red_devil  Offline
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Joined: Feb 2012
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Sharks, TARS, and Warthogs

This document covers the use of the T.A.R.S. with the Kamov Ka-50.

A special thanks goes to EinsteinEP for his essential help in the correction and review phase.

1. Introduction
2. R-800L1
3. R-828
4. An example
5. Appendix A: ATC/NDB table

1. Introduction
I would like to share a couple of hints about the TARS (Tactical Aviation Radio System). These suggestions are an outcome of several hours spent testing and looking for a good balance between realism, flexibility and practicality. I hope you'll find something interesting in this thread or, at least, a reason to discuss.

As you maybe know, TARS is a plugin for Teamspeak and the DCS Series made by Headspace Headspace. It allows the use of the in-cockpit radios just as in real life, with interference due to broken line of sight (LOS), frequency setting, and much more.
You can find more info here:

There are two voice radios aboard the Ka-50: the R-800L1 VHF and the R-828 VHF.

The SPU-9 knob allows you to select on which radio you will talk (by changing the microphone input):
- VHF-2: R-800L1 VHF
- VHF-1: R-828 VHF
- SW: Short Wave (not implemented)
- GND CREW: Intercom to ground crew (you can also just open the door if you are on the ground).

2. R-800L1
This is your main radio. You will use this one to communicate with other flights, ATCs, and A-10Cs.
Technical details:
Freq. Range: from 100Mhz to 149Mhz and from 220Mhz to 400Mhz.
Maximum distance: 150km
1. It requires LOS to work properly. Mountains and other obstacles can drastically reduce the quality of communication.
2. The VHF-UHF boundary is at 300MHz so you may hear the R-800L1 referenced as a VHF/UHF radio sometimes.

You can interact with this radio by the controls in the R-800L1 VHF Radio Control System [see ED manual 6-99 for more info]. The main controls you will use are the frequency wheels. With these wheels you can select the frequency on which the R-800L1 transmits and receives. Another important control is the Guard switch. It immediately tunes your R-800L1 to the guard frequency, 121.5 MHz (this frequency is not related to the TARS Emergency Frequency that you can find in the TARS Control Panel).

Sadly the ADF radio functions are not currently supported by TARS and only work with in-game radios (AI wingmen, ATC, etc.).

Important note (thanks to Eddie Eddie): the Ka-50s data link also uses the R-800, so in order for a flight of Ka-50s to employ data link they must be using the same R-800 frequency. This can lead to issues when using the R-800 for intra-flight/package comms with more than one flight of Ka-50s.

3. R828
This radio is intended to be used for communications with FAC and ground troops, however it is a good intercom for Ka-50s. It works between 20MHz and 60MHz on 10 different channels:

35.650; 25.675; 48.550; 35.650; 67.775; 52.825; 48.250; 42.050; 52.750; 23.725

Employing this radio is very easy: select a channel then press (and keep pressed) the little TUN button until the light below it goes off.

Even if this the R-828 has prefixed frequencies, you can always change them editing the file named r-828.lua.

4. An example
What does having two different radios mean? Well, as an example, you can listen on both then choose which radio you want to transmit from. The main advantage is the ability to use a different radio for each flight and a common frequency for inter-force communications.

This is a representation of how we usually manage frequencies in Fighter Combat Sims:

Each flight has its own intercom frequency and all of them can communicate with the others by using the IntForce Frequency (145MHz AM).

We give a lot of importance to the AFAC role performed by Ka-50s. A solution like the one above allows the components of the AFAC flight to communicate in freedom without disturbing other flights and, at the same time, having a free channel to report tallies, status, SAM launches, and so on directly to A-10Cs.

Obviously, this is just one example, and there are many possible combinations: for example you can use the UHF to communicate with Kamovs because the R-800L1 can reach some UHF frequencies. I suggest you to test a lot and find your own configuration.

This few lines are not enough to explain the complexity and the huge sense of immersion that this little plugin adds to the game. However, I strongly suggest you to give it a try, you wont regret it!

5. Appendix A: ATC/NDB table

* [] = NDB type.

Click to reveal..

Name: Sharks, TARS, and Warthogs
Version: 0.9
14/04/2012: Made public


Ka-50 SCARFACE Group
Ten. Lorenzo red.devil

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Lt. red.devil CC of Scarface Ka-50 Group Fighter Combat Sims
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#3556083 - 04/14/12 11:15 AM Re: Sharks, TARS, and Warthogs [Re: red_devil]  
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Milan, Italy
another great job !

Many thanks red yep

Head Of Fighter Combat Simualtions - DCS A-10C vFS
#4338522 - 02/18/17 06:29 AM Re: Sharks, TARS, and Warthogs [Re: red_devil]  
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So basically ACRE for DCS.

#4338529 - 02/18/17 09:27 AM Re: Sharks, TARS, and Warthogs [Re: red_devil]  
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Sobek  Offline
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Joined: Feb 2009
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I think TARS is no longer being supported.

There's another project that basically does the same, but i can't remember its name right now.

#4338647 - 02/18/17 08:15 PM Re: Sharks, TARS, and Warthogs [Re: Sobek]  
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Joined: Nov 2015
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Originally Posted By: Sobek
I think TARS is no longer being supported.

There's another project that basically does the same, but i can't remember its name right now.

Correct, TARS is dead.

But there are currently two other projects:

The most elaborate is UniversRadio, with the most functions, but is also Payware for the advanced functions.

The other project is SimpleRadio, which even has a TeamSpeak independent stand alone version, but AFAIK not as many features as UniversRadio.

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