We really never announced YAP3 and should have. This is probably the best place to head off a lot of questions.

YAP2 was Windows XP-based and was essentially a complete product. We had promised to give the final set of missions to our customers. It included some spook missions, ships and aircraft that had been left out of stories along the way. But after creating Rising Sun, we found that with some modifications (some of them very big), we could play YAP on both XP and Windows 7.

So, YAP3 is either an update for our YAP2 customers or the version we now offer for sale. One version for either platform.

The mission sets are being converted. So far, Set 1 (included with YAP3), Set2 and Set3 have been updated. For those who have YAP3 and own the mission sets, we send out the updated version for free. They are also the versions we now sell. Set10 was YAP3 all along. We are starting on Set4 now.

The update includes new models in some cases, new missions in others. It is patched to October 2008 which gives the game the automatic shadows, greatly enhancing the look, and aerodynamic drag. We had to eliminate PNT's Xplanes in lieu of real groundobjects for populating the airfields because the former acted strangely. We got rid of the daylight B-57 missions until we decide if we will redo that airplane. We have targeted a few models that are no longer good low poly models, added some more ships that played a part in stories and are adding some aircraft that we feel will be fun to fly and the stories, fun to re-live.

It would have been a shame to let such a good product die when XP died so now it will be available to aviation and Vietnam War buffs into the future. It is, as we have always said, missions told by the pilots that flew them.