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#3348420 - 07/22/11 04:46 PM News From Red  
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NEWS from

22nd July 2011

The Redux "Vision" has been that only by finding the source code and building upon the Singleplayer Campaign assets can RedBaron3D become a Phoenix.

8 years of "CodeQuest" yielded a partial copy of the "lost" RB3D code in October 2010, and a more complete version in May 2011. The path: improbable...a kingdom inhabited by a Troll, A Smurf, a Wizard, a town Cassandra, a Wise Jester, a Muse, Kings's Men, the Fates...and more. TommyHawk is going through the code in a major cleanup, refactoring and fixing links, etc.; so far a Singleplayer exe has been produced for Redux beta testing. The team is working to optimize the Singleplayer exe to work on Win7, an uber critical marketing platform. The Multiplayer exe will come later, hopefully.

Playing around with obsolete stuff is pointless and won't bring back old fliers or recruit new ones. Our goal and driving force has been and is in giving everyone the RedBaron3D which could have been, playing in big weekend wars..without the glitches, with security for MMP, beautiful terrains for MMP and SP, smarter AI in SP, and a little higher polys for eye candy for both..little green men, and rear gunners in MMP. With the code, upgrading to OpenGL opens up many possibilities....

A 7 month production of the new Redux Multiplayer war arena called "iMap", based upon the actual WWI battlefields in northern Italy, was halted last November when the first piece of code was found. Development of advanced terrain tile design methodology, and a custom Redux console to switch out plane sets, tile sets, FMs, etc.,.continued, but could also become obsolete.

Graphics calls for higher polys would make all existing artwork obsolete. Enhanced Singleplayer and Multiplayer graphics could be created staying with Glide while building a new game, but would double the graphics cost. Either approach requires new artwork. The best pathway to advance remains under consideration, and complex. We will update on our progress

Send us your thoughts



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Flying Into The Future Of Red Baron3D
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#3348927 - 07/23/11 04:43 AM Re: News From Red [Re: RB3DRedux]  
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College Station, Texas, USA
Thanks for the heads up mate!

"Go Fly A Kite!"
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