Redux DML File Fixes

DML files help RB3D decide which terrain tile is to show in the game and it's rotation. With 14 DML files dealing with the terrain, and all DML files, except one, dealing with more then 500+ instances of terrain tiles rotations, there were bound to be mistakes by Sierra/Dynamix

This fix is for all stock RB3d maps and modded maps using the games stock DML files such as Alpine Island

This Fix includes:

River Branch fix for LowRes slot 19 (All DMLs) This fix was also taken care of by Zsolt Fazekaszs and Mark_66 at SWWISA in their "RB3D River Branch Rotation Fix"

New fixes are:

Devas0 fix for HighRes Slot 167 (all DMLs except Baron.dml)

Rail4 fix for LowRes slots 232-235 (all DMLs except the _Rail.dml files and Baron.dml)

Replaced the Autumn/Fall Mountain Tiles for proper Spring/Summer Mountain tiles in SRails.dml (HiRes and LowRes Slots 184 to 187) and fixed rotation error on slot 186

Place the Data folder into the Red Baron 3D directory. If you have the River Branch Fix by Zsolt and Mark_66 installed, please remove, rename, or delete so there will be no conflicts and full functionality can be assured.