Hello All,

I just purchased RB3D from the GoG site, and without doing much it worked right away, so that was a joy.

How ever my X52`s buttons are not recognized, and also the Throttle axis doesn't work.

I switched to my old Logitech Extreme 3D pro, all the buttons work, but also the throttle doesn't work.

Ive been browsing the RB section on SimHQ for about 3 hours now, and also googling my ass off, but no luck, although i did find some reference to adding a Enable 3rd axis or something like that in rb2.ini, but hey..no rb2.ini in my RB smile

Can anyone help me on this issue?.

Thanks for any help you all can provide.



Mobo: Asus Z97 A - Cpu: I5 4670K
Gpu: R9-290 Tri-x - Psu: Corsair RM750
Ram: Corsair 4x4gb ddr3 @1600mhz
Case: Corsair 750D - Ssd: Samsung 840 Pro 256gb