Version 36 adds updated Rens Rebells with Rebells Bombers on sq# 46 or newer required from
----------------------------------------------------------------------- includes: READv36.txt, the version 36 paintcfg.ini and
MMPIDv36.rtf which lists the entire collection

Entire collection has been recompiled into 3 zip files:
------------------------------------------------------------------------ includes most squad paints active as of 2003 or later, though
only a few squads are still active in RB3D, such as RAC, JGS4, GT and KK, so
no one should object if you fly with the inactive squad paints
------------------------------------------------------------------------ includes aces and historical squadron paints, some of which were
used as squad paints as listed in MMPIDv36.rtf
------------------------------------------------------------------------ are various schemes from Sid's Paints, Art Attack and many others