F-16CG widescreen 1920x1200 res cockpit add-on for FF5.

Check out the gallery for more screenshots:

Here is a list of the included features:
Graphics - This install allows autoscaling, therefor it is possible to fly in lower resolutions like 1680 x1050 or 1440x900. The default resolution is 1920x1200. 16:9 resolutions like 1920x1080 etc. are possible but will cause slight stretching.

Photorealistic - cockpit with as real as possible functionality, within the limits of the Falcon simulator software.

Kneeboards - The right kneeboard has 12 pages of browsable checklists for preflight and rampstart, ETR (Enemy Treat Ranges), refueling checklist, Fence checklists.

Nightlighting - On the Internal Lights panel at the right down side you can enable floodlight by selecting the FLOOD switch.
For enabling Instruments lights and backlit panels you hit keys Shift-2 and you turn the 'CONSOLES' knob to BRT. Use Shift-2 for enabling backlit panels.

Extra functionality panel - When keys Shift-1 are selected you will get a panel with extra large HUD/MFD display data, fully clickable.

Rampstart - A full rampstart is possible, complete checklists on the right knee.

3D cockpit:
Functionality - Fully clickable (although most switches will not move) and gauges/instruments operational.

Canopy - canopy movements when opening and closing.

6DOF - 6DOF TrackIR4 is recommended for full enjoyment.
If you don't have 6DOF enabled, open the 'FFViper config editor' in the FreeFalcon5 directory, 'TrackIR settings', TrackIR DOF support, then enable 'Yaw pitch Roll,X Y Z' and click 'Apply'.