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#3007127 - 05/06/10 01:18 AM BeachAV8R's Falcon 4.0 Training Missions  
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Joined: Sep 2000
Posts: 22,095
In 2003, Chris "BeachAV8R" Frishmuth published his Falcon 4.0 Training Mission Reports in the SimHQ Forums.
They were an immediate hit for their clear and concise information, and because they are an entertaining read. Below is the complete 16 mission series. Thanks to Pilgrim for making them available again!

Training Mission Report 01

The objective for todays flight is a simple exchange pilot familiarization flight in the F-16C/Block 52 covering basic maneuvers.

Training Mission Report 02

The objective of todays flight is another in a sequence of familiarization flights intended to get a general overview of basic F-16 flight characteristics.

Training Mission Report 03

Today we will have four main objectives for our flight as we start to ramp up on the complexity of our training missions.
1. Navigation & Timing
2. Auto-pilot
3. Terrain Following Radar
4. Stores management (selective jettison only)

Training Mission Report 04

1. Demonstrate aerial refueling procedures
2. TACAN air and ground navigation

Training Mission Report 05

1. Basic air-to-air radar employment
2. Basic AIM-120 AMRAAM employment
3. Basic AIM-9M employment
4. Basic padlocking

Training Mission Report 06

1. Continued Air-to-Air radar RWS training
2. AIM-7 Sparrow training
3. AIM-9P training

Training Mission Report 07

1. TWS radar mode
2. AIM-7 missile engagement
3. AIM-9 missile engagement

Training Mission Report 08

1. Long Range Scan (LRS) radar mode
2. AIM-7 Home On Jam (HOJ)
3. 20mm cannon

Training Mission Report 09

1. Close air combat radar mode specifically Dogfight Mode
2. M61A1 cannon

Training Mission Report 10

Air-to-air training graduation exercises:
- Multiple target engagement AMRAAM
- Offensive BFM vs. advanced enemy aircraft
- 4-ship Shoot-Ex flying as part of a package

Training Mission Report 11

Basic Air-to-Ground (A2G) radar fundamentals

Training Mission Report 12

1. Ground radar target designation
2. CCRP bombing
3. CCIP bombing

Training Mission Report 13

1. Navigation/timing
2. Low-level ingress with TF radar
3. Low-level retarded CCRP bomb delivery

Training Mission Report 14

1. Night operations
2. Laser-guided bombing

Training Mission Report 15

1. Maverick missile employment
2. CCIP cluster bombing

Training Mission Report 16

1. Suppression Enemy Air Defense (SEAD)
2. ECM
3. Missile evasion

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#3760262 - 03/31/13 10:25 AM Re: BeachAV8R's Falcon 4.0 Training Missions [Re: citizen guod]  
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Joined: Jun 2012
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is it applicable to allied force?

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