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#2949259 - 01/29/10 10:18 AM FF5***F-4 Phantom widescreen cockpit released ! ***  
Joined: Mar 2001
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Aeyes Offline
Aeyes  Offline

Joined: Mar 2001
Posts: 509
The netherlands
New product release today, the F-4 Phantom. This widescreen cockpit add-on for FF5 is dedicated to the late BG Robin Olds, he was one of the best Phantom Phlyers and ace in both WW2 and the Vietnam war.

Special thanks to Homercide for the installer, easy one click and you are ready to go fly this mean machine.

The FF5 mod has a lot of F-4 types all using the same 2D and 3D cockpit, but this install limits to all the F-4 types that are used in Dogfight and Campaign. So the cockpit will show in the F-4G, F-4ESK, F-4E, F-4S and F-4DSK. The design of the cockpit is that of the F-4G.
Of course the other variants can use the pit too with some small steps in case that is needed.

Here is a screenshot of the 2D pit:

To get used to the functionality of the cockpit have a look here or download the PDF

Here is a screenshot of the 3D pit:

Features list:
2D cockpit:

Graphics - This install allows autoscaling, therefor it is possible to fly in lower resolutions like 1680 x1050 or 1440x900. The default resolution is 1920x1200. 16:9 resolutions like 1920x1080 is possible, but will result in slight stretching of the 2D cockpit.

Photorealistic - cockpit with as real as possible functionality, within the limits of the Falcon simulator software.

Kneeboards - The right kneeboard has 12 pages of browsable checklists for preflight and rampstart, ETR (Enemy Treat Ranges), refueling checklist, landing checklists. Use left and right mouseclicks to browse. The left kneeboard is fully functional in every view since FF5 allows multiple kneeboards, and has briefing, map and steerpoint data.

Nightlighting - On the Internal Lights panel at the right down side you can enable floodlight by selecting the FLOOD BRT knob. For enabling Instruments lights and backlit panels you hit keys Shift-2 and you turn the 'CONSOLES' knob to BRT.

Rampstart - A full and realistic rampstart is possible, complete checklists on the right knee and downloadable.

Brevity codes Checklists, clicking down twice from the default 12 oclock view will bring you to a large and complete NATO brevity code list for accurate communications.

3D cockpit:
Functionality - Fully clickable (although most switches will not move) and gauges/instruments operational. Note that many switches do not correspond with the 2D cockpit functionality

6DOF - 6DOF TrackIR4 is recommended for full enjoyment.
If you don't have 6DOF enabled, open the 'FFViper config editor' in the FreeFalcon5 directory, 'TrackIR settings', TrackIR DOF support, then enable 'Yaw pitch Roll,X Y Z' and click 'Apply'.

3D cockpit textures - High quality textures for the interior of the aircraft matching the 2D cockpit

Extra functionality
Extra functionality panel - When keys Shift-1 are selected you will get a panel with extra large HUD/display data, and complete functionality for handling the DED content and navigation.

Extra view large HUD- When keys Shift-1 are selected you can pan down to a view with extra large HUD for CCIP/CCRP bombing and landing purposes

- Trim on Stick
There is a imaginary cross on the stick's trim button, using this cross and left and rightclick will let you trim the plane.

Splash files and docs
There are new loading and leaving screens for the Phantom installed

The FreeFalcon5/docs/PitDocs dir has a couple of PDF and Word files with information of the F-4 cockpit. Shortcuts are on your desktop after installation.
- PDF with functionality description in full color for all the 2D pit's switches and lights/instruments
- PDF with printable checklist matching the checklists on the right knee in the cockpit. Best to print 2 pages on A-4 horizontally.
- Word doc with all the F-4 types, squadrons and airbases flying in Campaign and Dogfight mode in FF5.3

Inline advert (2nd and 3rd post)

#2949367 - 01/29/10 02:16 PM Re: **F-4 Phantom widescreen cockpit released ! ** [Re: Aeyes]  
Joined: Aug 2009
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feldwebel Offline
feldwebel  Offline

Joined: Aug 2009
Posts: 106
Highland, Utah USA
Looks good:)

#2949461 - 01/29/10 04:30 PM Re: **F-4 Phantom widescreen cockpit released ! ** [Re: feldwebel]  
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enigma6584 Offline
Senior Member
enigma6584  Offline
Senior Member

Joined: Dec 2002
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Wisconsin, USA

#2950088 - 01/30/10 05:44 PM Re: **F-4 Phantom widescreen cockpit released ! ** [Re: enigma6584]  
Joined: Nov 2005
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MigBuster Offline
MigBuster  Offline

Joined: Nov 2005
Posts: 2,169
Many congrats on this masterpeice!

'Crashing and Burning since 1987'
#2953855 - 02/06/10 06:35 PM Re: **F-4 Phantom widescreen cockpit released ! ** [Re: MigBuster]  
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Sierra Hotel

Joined: Jan 2001
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Tucson AZ
Nice work Aeyes, as always.

Pat Tillman (1976-2004):
4 years Arizona State University, graduated with high honors.
5 seasons National Football League player, Arizona Cardinals.
Forever United States Army Ranger.

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