Okay, folks, here's the official "rules of the road" for mod discussion.

SimHQ Forum Discussions on IL-2 Series mods/code hacks:

1. When starting a thread about an IL-2 Series mod/code hack, you must start the Subject line with "MOD:"

- If a thread has MOD: in front of it and you really, really hate everything "those dirty hackers" have done to ruin the simulation, STAY OUT OF IT.

- If a thread does NOT have a MOD: in front of it, do not look on it as an opportunity to proselytize to the ignorant and rebuke the "close minded fanboi Philistines."

2. No direct links to the mod/code hack.

- A link(s) to the IL-2 Series mod/code hack itself is forbidden.

- Links to content that work with the mod are not.

- For example, posting a link to a repainted Bf-109 cockpit or a campaign is okay, but not to the mod enabler software.

- You can reference site names, but no direct links to the tools for modifying the IL-2 Series.

3. Discussion on the merits of an individual modification is acceptable.

4. Discussion on the merits of the concept of modifying the simulation is not acceptable.

5. Discussion on cheat codes and accusations of cheating is not acceptable.

- For example, adding a map to the simulation isn't cheating. Making your aircraft invisible, enabling no-cockpit in a cockpit only server, and enhancing damage from weapons is cheating.

6. General Comments

- Remember that any modification is adding content to what many members and a large percentage of the software industry considers the best WWII flight simulation series ever made.

- While the series isn't perfect, neither are the mods.

- Follow the SimHQ Forums Use Agreement and always be civil, decent, and respectful of other community members.

- If you want to discuss this policy, please post your comments in the SimHQ Site Feedback and Suggestions Forum.