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#2498856 - 04/21/08 11:40 PM SimHQ ArmA2 Server (archived information) ****  
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Joined: Mar 2007
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Beaumont, Texas
NOTE: This thread is being retired by this one:

The SimHQ Armed Assault 2 Server is dedicated to the memory of Positive G:

Current Schedule:

Each Monday at 8pm eastern.


You must be connected, online, and in the SimHQ ArmA2 sub-channel of our teamspeak server before joining our online server. This is not an option, it is mandatory!

SimHQ maintains a Teamspeak 2 server for registered members of SimHQ. Note that the server name, address and password have changed. The default codec for all channels is Speex 16.3 Kbit. Lower quality codecs are available in each channel.

TeamSpeak Connection Information

Name: SimHQtalk
Password: SimHQcommS (case sensitive!)
IP Address:

Server and Addon Information

Server Name: SimHQ Armed Assault 2 Server

Armed Assault/Operation Arrowhead Version: ArmA2 v1.07/Operation Arrowhead 1.52 (Download link below) updated on 7-7-10

Current Password: positiveg (this is case-sensitive) Password updated on 09-03-09

Communications: We will use the SimHQ ArmA 2 Teamspeak sub-channel to meet, connect and discuss Armed Assault 2. Leaders in a mission will talk via teamspeak while all troops will use in game comms, which has been improved in ArmA2.

Mods/Add Ons Allowed: Server is running v1.07/1.52 (see download link above) and these addons are required:

Sbrodj, Quesh-Kibrul, Isla Duala:

Molation Army

To Play Armed Assault 2 at SimHQ

Make sure you are using the same version of Armed Assault 2 as the server. We are currently using version 1.07/1.52. updated on 7-7-10

To connect to our game server, Filter the game servers using "SimHQ".

You should be ready to play with us now.

Required Reading

Squad Level Combat:


The SimHQ Armed Assault Squad uses the in-game Voice Over Net feature, while the leaders use teamspeak.

The game has default keys setup for using Voice Over Net. You can either use a key to toggle through the various channels and then another key to speak in that channel or you can use the dedicated keys for speaking over those channels. I prefer using pre-set keys for this. (for example, I use Ctrl+G to talk in the Group Channel. Ctrl+V for vehicle, and so forth.

One important note, don't get stuck in talk-mode with Voice Over Net. If you can see your name at the bottom of the screen, displayed in the same color as the channel, your VON is constantly on and needs to be adjusted.

The Channels

Global Channel:If you speak over this channel, everyone on the server can hear you, regardless of side.
Use: For communicating between both "Sides" in a game. This will normally happen in a Force on Force game.
Color: White

Direct Channel: Speaking in this channel means you will be heard by people in your immediate area. This diminishes quickly as people move away from you.
Use: If there are multiple fire teams around and you spot a danger-close threat, use this channel to let everyone around you know what is going on.
Color: Purple

Side Channel: You can speak to everyone on your "side" (BLUFOR, OPFOR, RACS) using this channel.
Use: Sparingly, unless you are a Squad Leader or Team Leader.
Color: Light Blue

Group Channel: This is possibly the most important channel. Our squad is split up into fire teams, which are basically Armed Assault Groups. This channel allows you to speak directly with everyone in your group (fire-team).
Use: This should be your most used channel, especially if you are a Fire Team Leader.
Color: Green

Vehicle Channel: Another important channel, this is used to communicate directly and only with everyone in your vehicle.
Use: Mostly used during armor/tank or air missions for communication between driver and gunner.

Additional Tips

1. Don't assign yourself to the single OPFOR slot present in most of our BLUFOR missions unless you have been assigned by the admin on duty. It is their job to assign that spot to someone, if they so choose.

2. Don't jump right into the sniper slot. Everyone loves to use the sniper rifle, but few people know how to be a proper recon/scout. The Squad Leader will ask you to take the sniper slot if he requires one.

3. Don't jump into the Combat Lifesaver slot unless asked by the Squad Leader.

4. Fire Teams Leader slots MUST be filled before we start a mission. Please don't be shy about trying it out. Fire Team positions must be filled with human players before the Squad Leader will assign you as a Medic or Sniper position.

5. Check this thread before every game for updates and other instructions regarding the server. There is no excuse for not having the proper mods or knowing SOP before joining.

6. Can't find your Fire Team Leader?
Hit the escape twice in rapid succession, this will create a visual icon that shows your team leader, in game.

7. During the briefing, please don't take it upon yourself to equip yourself with a new weapon, unless specifically told to by your squad leader. Feel free to fill any empty ammo slots or add a grenade or two to your load out, but don't equip any weapon unless you are instructed to by your squad leader.

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#2503815 - 04/28/08 04:13 PM Re: SimHQ ArmA2 Server (archived information) [Re: Wepps]  
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Joined: Mar 2007
Posts: 2,648
Beaumont, Texas
Administering the Server

If you find yourself on the server without an admin present and need to vote someone as admin, you can use the following commands while on the server.

#logout                     Admin log out
#vote admin (name or ID)    Users can vote an admin to control the server
#missions                   Select mission
#restart                    Restart mission
#reassign                   Start over and reassign roles

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#2814873 - 07/10/09 02:48 PM Re: SimHQ ArmA2 Server (archived information) [Re: Wepps]  
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Naples, Florida
To play on the SimHQ ArmA2 server, you must read the above post and the 5 short tactical briefs... just to have a basic military idea of what and how we play...

But it is also recommended and highly encouraged for you to read Dslyecxi's ArmA2 tactics and procedures guide. We don't do everything their way, because were set up differently, but the information is always good to know, thats why I'm posting it in this sticky. It's a must read for any gamer, or serious ArmA2 player, including the ones here at SimHQ.

copy/pasted from Dslyecxi's original post:

The full news about it ("full" being a relative term) is on the BIS forums here:

Click ze banner for a direct link.

Hope you guys enjoy it. Feedback is always appreciated. It's a monster, so expect to be taking it in over several viewings. smile

#2816218 - 07/12/09 02:33 PM Re: SimHQ ArmA2 Server (archived information) [Re: Magnum]  
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Joined: Jan 2003
Posts: 28,506
Naples, Florida
Work and contribution to our community by: Ltfransky

Fatty has provided an excellent reminder to how Voice Communication is used on the SimHQ server. But once you get on the proper channel and push the talk button, what do you say? Communicating over a radio, while under fire, is a difficult skill to master. But it is one that can be made easier with a few simple guidelines. With this in mind, I've dug out my platoon commander notes, sifted through the mounds of information, and come up with:

The Idiots' Guide to Combat Radio

Sunray this is Foxhound 1 – Request Starlight support – over
Foxhound 1 this is Sunray – Eight Two will contact – out

Two-One this is GOLF Two One can you direct fire – over.
GOLF Two One affirmative – out.

“Hmmmmm. I know those were English words, but I have no idea what was said.” This is what a lot of you are probably thinking, but don't worry. Radio Coms don't have to be this complicated. As per server SOP, we will be following the KISS principle. These rules are not Gospel, but merely pointers to help you communicate in the big, bad world of ArmA2. The majority of your communications in-game will fall into three categories: Situation Reports, Fire Control Orders, and Hasty Movement Orders.

The Situation Report (SitRep) is probably the most important type of message you can send. It tells your Commander what he/she needs to know in order to effectively react to the enemy. In one sentence, you need to convey all the information you have to the intended listener.. The easiest way to do this is to follow a simple format:

To Whom – Who – What – Where

For example: I'm moving on an advance-to-contact when I bump an enemy patrol. Before engaging, I hit the ground, key my radio and call my Commander (Biff):

Biff, this is Fransky – Contact 3 Dismounted Infantry – Bearing Two Seven Zero

From this, Biff knows he is the intended listener, who is speaking, what is happening, and where he needs to look. With this information, he can react appropriately to the threat.

Sometimes, I know, you are caught out by the enemy and the last thing on your mind is proper radio procedure. You need to shoot back and find cover ASAP. This doesn't preclude a report. All you do is abbreviate.

Let's look at the same scenario, but with the enemy engaging immediately. Bullets are flying and I am moving for cover. What do I say? Just use the TWWW format again.

Biff, this is Fransky, Contact, Wait Out.

This will snap Biffs attention to me, since he knows something is happening. But it also gives me time to get behind cover and sort out my section. Then I can give a full report, and Biff can respond appropriately. Fire Control Orders are slightly different. The human eye can only focus on one distance and direction at a time. So we have to tell each other which direction, how far to look, and what we need to see.

This is done with:

Range, Bearing, Target

For example: My section is engaged by a rifleman hidden in some trees. No one else sees it, so I have to direct them where to look. Using my compass and some range estimation I call out:

Range Three Hundred, Bearing Two-Seven-Zero, Single Rifleman in the trees!

From this point, the Commander can direct suppressing fire so that a flanking maneuver can be accomplished.

Sometimes, of course, the compass isn't useful (FIBUA for example). In this case the proword Reference is substituted.

Range Three Hundred, Reference white house left side, Single Rifleman.

That's it. You now have your rifles locked on to the target and all that remains is to finish the job.

Issuing Hasty Movement Orders is something that Platoon, Section, and Fireteam Commanders need to know intimately. Subordinates, to a lesser degree, need to have a handle on them because at any time they could be field promoted into a leadership role. The simplest way to think about these orders is to remember our SitRep format.

To Whom – Who – What – Where

For example, I need Alpha section to move to a flanking maneuver 50 metres to the right side. I would say this as:

Alpha, this is Fransky, move to flanking attack position 50 metres bearing 270

With any luck, this will cause Alpha to turn to bearing 270, run 50 metres, and then turn back and attack.

Please note that there are countless permutations to these three examples. These are not hard and fast rules which must be followed but are merely an aide memoire that will make communicating easier. Combat is a fluid art that requires quick thinking and decisive action. Clear, concise communication is the key to achieving these results. But that doesn't mean you should rush. Remember to pause, compose your message, press the button, speak, and then release the button. Taking an extra second before transmitting will save minutes of confusion (and lots of bullet holes) after the message.

NOTE: This thread is being retired by this one:

Last edited by guod; 07/28/10 07:48 AM.

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