I have put up a VTE OFP dedicated server that is running the VTE - "Vietnam the experience mod" Just search VTE on the list. More info on my webpage - http://81.servebeer.com

Right now it is running The Tet Offensive - Day 1, but i will be happy to add any VTE mission you would like to see there.

Here's a short briefing;

***When i host this mission the helicopter waits to be boarded, when the server does it takes off early. There is an empty chopper just north of it, if this happens, use that. Its a Flashpoint glitch i cant seem to fix.

The Mission

Go to the downed dustoff (45 degrees) and use your men and artillary to fend off the VC untill the wounded are picked up by a second dustoff that is enroute. Defend the extraction vigourously. Scores of VC are about to over run your position. Standing near your RTO (7) will give you the IF menu.

Head east to the river (immediately!) and board a patrol boat to the supply depot down river (south). Any patrol boat will wait 100 seconds on shore before leaving for the base in a loop.

Take command of armour and head west to where a stream running east and west has washed out the road. Order the armour to meet you there. The choke point is marked on your map.

Halt the advance of VC forces that are attempting to cross and wipe out your supply depot.

Move north and wipe out the V.C. command post.

Beware of NVA tanks that may or may not be present.

VC presence is heavy and venimous. This is the beginning of the Tet offensive that was repelled by U.S. and Arvin forces in the spring of 1968. Causualties were very heavy, try not to be one.

Enjoy the mission


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