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#2344296 - 09/24/07 02:23 AM having fun with the mission editor  
Joined: May 2005
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Simhq Weather man, dropping rain in your parade
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Simhq Weather man, dropping rain in your parade

Joined: May 2005
Posts: 9,705
LOL! after i figured out how it work....except the making a lot of suicide had one set with 2 soviet infantry batallion positioned at a city near the sea,i hid one AA guy near some trees,and put 6 snipers well position to halt the american (me) invasion,we americans come in 3 blackhawk packed with troops,and 2 chinooks with troops.
my chinook is to land on the beach giving us some protection,2 black hawks go behind the city, one suicide black hawk trows some spec ops behind the houses so they can run toward the main square and kill the soviets,and another chinook generaly always dies for the soviet AA guy ,either him or some blackhawk,sometimes even my own chinook LOL. so far americans 0 soviets 9999999.
the only ones left out of the massacre on my team is myself and joe the grenadier,i guess becouse he is the last to disembark.

one by one,my my felow country man die before my eyes for the sniper fire and the machine guns,and there is nothing i can do, but to fight so i dont meet the same fate,in the end the screams stop,and there is only me and joe,scared looking into each other eyes.we hear some firefights behind the city,must be alpha team,barely keeping their stand,we hear their screams,and then total silence.
i order joe to stay put,and cover the horizon from the protection of the bank we were hidden.i see tracers runnins towards me, i duck. i try to run back to cover, im hit,but still alive,i though that was it,but luckyly one of the surviving chinook crew,made a pass shoving the machine gunner with the 50 cal.
i stand up again and hear sniper shots....i didnt see where it came from so i walk through the coastiline toward the houses where the spec ops were suposed to clean,i toss 2 grenades,i score 2 deaths, one sniper and one soldier....i see and officer in the bush.bang,he is no more!seeing it clear, i call joe.
then we procede to the center of the town to reunite with the spec ops....for our despair,they are all dead,but at least they manage to take out some 6 soviet troops. just as i cross the street i hear machine gun fire,and dust coming out of the wall on my right, i duck and manage to escape the fatal bullet,i didnt spot the guy,lucky for me,trustfull joe spoted and killed him.
i saw some alpha team moving toward the east of town cautiously,infortunitelly there is no way (that i know) in game to regroup with another unit,so i was basically on my own with joe.

again the chinook make another pass with the .50 call and start shoting right where i was going.
the chinook crew tryed to help but it was too late for alpha team,their fate was already sentenced.
seeing them die before me, my first though was ,exit to the right........
then i died for a !%"#%!%"#! markmanship machine gunner like 200 meters from me in the forest above me.

i have tryed this mission 10 times,and i have yet to see my team survive till the end.
what have those russian been fed? they are only 2 battalions, i got SIX!!!!
ahaha im having a lot fun.

another crazy mission i created was having 3 tanks batallions on two oposing mountains,with the shells flying from one side to another,it kinda look like the bombing scene in iwo jima,ahaha.

im going to try my suicide mission with my friends and see if we do better.

#2345782 - 09/26/07 08:53 AM Re: having fun with the mission editor [Re: Blade_RJ]  
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Joined: Jun 2006
Posts: 1,663
Way over in Perth, Western Aus...
Sounds fun... good luck - hope the AI gets better....


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