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#2135591 - 02/11/07 09:10 PM YANKEE AIR PIRATE 28 The Rescue of Wolf 06-Pt6  
Joined: Nov 2006
Posts: 231
Simon Read Offline
Simon Read  Offline

Joined: Nov 2006
Posts: 231
700321 The Rescue of Wolf 06 Part Six


40th ARRS
Gopher - (1) HH-53 Super Jolly
TOT: - 1730
Flight Time: - 55 Minutes

"This sequence of six missions has revealed a remarkable breadth and depth of mission play. It is impossible not to take into account the real events they are based on and you have to take your hat off to these guys."

We lost Wolf-06 Bravo a yesterday, despite the heroic efforts of the Spads and especially the Phantom crew from the 390th that flew in on the deck to lay down the smoke screen. We just could not reach him in time.

Wolf-06 Alpha is still down there, still stuck somewhere in the damned Mu Gia Pas. With the limited information we have it is possible to make a 'best guess' as to his location. We are going straight in; he will pop smoke when he hears us approach.

The day is closing in and we have just enough fuel to make the rescue attempt. Our only chance for success will be our speed and audacity, no hesitation. We shall climb the valley sides and enter the pass as fast and low as we can fly, make ourselves as difficult a target as possible. We shall implement a fast winch pick-up and egress away from any enemy fire. Let's see if this plan survives contact with the enemy.

The 390th are back again, the flight has called "Gunslinger One and Two inbound with CBU and Mk82s". Wolf-06 Alpha is in a more isolated position than the luckless Bravo. Rather than deploy smoke this time, the Gunslingers are going to mix it up with the AAA gunners and take them out directly, hopefully. There are a lot of guns down there.

We climb the valley slopes on the approach to the pass and drop down on the other side of the peaks, into the rescue/combat zone.

"At this point we have everything deployed, flaps/airbrakes/gear, and are concentrating on spotting and lining up with Wolf-06 Alpha. Set your flight-path to intercept the red smoke and 'fire' the winch as you over-fly the downed pilot to achieve a clean pick-up."

The 'whopping' sound of the big rotors fills the cockpit as we slow it up and turn to execute our pick-up manoeuvre. The first explosion is really close and is followed by more in a rapid pattern that seems to surround us. There is a mixture of small arms fire and heavier AAA. Blooms of shrapnel burst around us and smoke obscures our view ahead. They have us zeroed, the noise and smoke is incredible! I put it aside, it's just weather; bring the bird forward over the marker smoke, almost there, deploy the winch.

The Gunslingers continue to work the area, taking out some of the small arms fire as we close in on the pilot. More Sandys are also inbound, Memphis and Ramrod report on station and begin to set about the enemy positions, we have a slim chance.

Then we have him, Wolf-06 is aboard and now we really have it all to play for! The big guns are ahead and to our right, the south. Cleaning it up quickly I pour on the power and crank the Jolly around to the north. We make our escape over the hills through a hail of gunfire.

"This is a real rush, testing your nerve! Sticking the nose down and guiding the Jolly low over the scenery at speed. There is at this point an equally high chance of destruction from enemy gunfire or by flying into the ground."

Headed west once more we contact 'King' and set up a rendezvous. We need to take on additional fuel from the HC-130P tanker on our way home. There is grief over Bravo, but also much relief for Alpha. Despite his injuries he is stable and comfortable for the ride back to the medical facilities at NKP.

"The tanker is flying your egress route and can easily be acquired visually. Close up and deploy flaps, match speeds and control closure by briefly popping the 'airbrake'. It is around 100Kts slower, and therefore quite a bit easier in my opinion, than refuelling a Thud. Dont hit the drogue with the rotors!

In-flight refuelling has been described by many pilots in these terms; "Its like trying to stick a banana up a wildcats ass!" So dont expect it to be easy!"

We follow King for a good part of the way and top-off the tanks before dropping away and approaching Nakhon Phanom. Touching down by the MASH tent and handing over responsibility for Wolf-06 to the capable medics.

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#2135776 - 02/12/07 12:10 AM Re: YANKEE AIR PIRATE 28 The Rescue of Wolf 06-Pt6 [Re: Simon Read]  
Joined: Apr 2006
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zerocinco Offline
zerocinco  Offline

Joined: Apr 2006
Posts: 1,739
Tchepone, Laos
As usual, Simon...excellent. I hope you enjoyed struggling through this long mission set. And I trust you sensed what a long, difficult and murderous thing a Search & Rescue mission in Laos was...especially the real rescue of Wolf 06.

#2135970 - 02/12/07 07:18 AM Re: YANKEE AIR PIRATE 28 The Rescue of Wolf 06-Pt6 [Re: zerocinco]  
Joined: Nov 2006
Posts: 231
Simon Read Offline
Simon Read  Offline

Joined: Nov 2006
Posts: 231
Absolutely, you have done remarkable things with this sim, 'raising the bar' in areas.

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