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#2121246 - 01/24/07 01:49 PM YANKEE AIR PIRATE 21 - Karls Target  
Joined: Nov 2006
Posts: 231
Simon Read Offline
Simon Read  Offline

Joined: Nov 2006
Posts: 231
660614 Karl's Target


660614 Karl's Target (421st TFS)
Weather: - Overcast 3000 Ft VIS 8 Nm
TOT: - 0930
Aircraft: - (4) F-105D Thunderchief
Flight Time: - 55 Minutes

"To me there is little that evokes such deadly purpose as a flight of Thunderchiefs, lugging their destructive cargo towards some unlucky place. YAP have added the proper fuel-tanks too, so what began as the finest model of its type in any flight sim now looks perfect.

This is a great mission for practicing formation flight and tanker join-ups. The tanker flies in with the strike aircraft, turning off before your IP. So you have loads of time in which to form up. At 300Kts practice getting as close to the tanker as you can. We should all post our best tanker shots really..."

About two-thirds of the way in, I drop off the tanker and form up with the main flight. Flying formation has become routine for these strikes. Set your separation, match velocities, and pick your reference point. Lead sits in a spot on the windshield, bobbing a little some of the time. I have the stabilisers engaged and watch him hover around an average reference point. It is satisfying to fly, to achieve matched altitude and velocities, making un-hurried movements, turning smoothly on course. We cut through the weather like it isn't there.

Charlie, on the other hand, will not like this at all! With their reliance on Ground-Controlled-Intercept and less capable instrumentation the NVAF will remain grounded today in this overcast. SAMs are another matter, and if you fly below the cloud base to bomb visually, there is the Flak, always the Flak.

"Let's take a look at the target now, these shots were taken during a test-strike by the AI. It's another YAP Master-Class in scenery building with a railyard, cranes and service buildings, cargo dock, traffic and trains! Wanna blow it up?"

When Lead instructs us to "Green 'em up for Karl's target" (you will hear Memphis flight announce they are approaching their target) I prepare my Mk83s. These are big 1,000 pounders and I set up to make two closely-spaced drops; hopefully I won't have to make two passes.

Dropping through the clouds I see I have fallen behind! I can already see the smoke from the target area. I concentrate now, level out at 500 feet; airspeed down to 250Kts, pickle is hot. I have decided to take out the cargo-ship at the dock area.

"Once again, this multi-faceted mission proves its longevity. You can choose any target. Do it again and try for the trains, for example. Incidentally, the oil-drums are where they should be as well!"

I pickle right on the money, and the huge explosion is very satisfying!

That's done it! The RWR is warbling its mad note. I punch off the tanks, light the burner, and reach for the overcast, hoping that the clouds will hide me from the Flak gunners if not the SAMs. Pointed in the homeward direction I take her down again and skim the waves for a bit then fly back into the cloud, climbing through to the clear skies.

Nobody could track that crazy egress! Sure enough it all goes quiet and I note with satisfaction that the rest of the flight is also climbing through the grey-stuff to join me. I fall into place at the rear of the formation for the long-haul back to Korat.

Dropping through the soup at Korat, we dirty-up and touch down, still in formation, spectacular!

"Fuel was never an issue on this flight and everything worked perfectly. However, the difficult conditions mean that there are plenty of opportunities to kill yourself with a mistake."

Inline advert (2nd and 3rd post)

#2121512 - 01/24/07 08:29 PM Re: YANKEE AIR PIRATE 21 - Karls Target [Re: Simon Read]  
Joined: Apr 2001
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Stratos Offline
Stratos  Offline

Joined: Apr 2001
Posts: 7,365
Amposta, Spain
Good AAR!

-Sir in case of retreat, were we have to retreat??
-To the Graveyard!!
#2121569 - 01/24/07 10:35 PM Re: YANKEE AIR PIRATE 21 - Karls Target [Re: Stratos]  
Joined: Nov 2006
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Simon Read Offline
Simon Read  Offline

Joined: Nov 2006
Posts: 231
Thanks mate! I am so pleased with my bombing! Spent a fair bit of time with the Thud.

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