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#1653514 - 11/29/06 04:29 PM YANKEE AIR PIRATE - Quang Khe Ferry  
Joined: Nov 2006
Posts: 231
Simon Read Offline
Simon Read  Offline

Joined: Nov 2006
Posts: 231

With 40 Yankee Air Pirate missions now released (actually nearer 50 with the variations), the story begins to take shape and I thought it was time to attempt this series of missions in (more or less) chronological order.

So, starting with a new pilot, the first mission scenario is the strike at Quang Khe Ferry, part of Operation Pierce Arrow, the first strikes of the Vietnam War. We Join VF-144 aboard the USS Ticonderoga at Yankee Station.

640805 Quang Khe Ferry (VF-144)
Weather: - Broken Clouds 4500 VIS 30Nm
TOT: - 0630
Aircraft: - (4) A-4C
Flight Time: - 35 Minutes.

After Action Report:
Having studied the excellent briefing material provided, I have tried to absorb and picture the route, 30 klicks west and the target, a line of PT Boats parked up river. We launch at dawn.

Its a short flight in, about twelve minutes, although I am a little fast, ahead of the main group. The latest Yankee Air Pirate upgrades have added many more trees to the region, it looks like Vietnam.

Often in Yankee Air Pirate missions you are flying wing or solo, but on this occasion I have a wingman, he is lagging behind. No matter, I have rockets, lets get it on! The PT Boats are accompanied by sampans and junks and other river traffic, it looks beautiful.

My first pass is fast, low and highly inaccurate. Even so the sheer firepower of all those rockets pickled off, and my incredible speed, puts off the enemy gunners and takes out two boats right away. As I climb out the other flights are arriving, including my wingman. I order him straight in and make an opposing pass at 90 degrees to the boats, splitting their defensive fire and we sink a couple more between us.

Up and down the river we strafe everything, small arms fire dogging us all the way. Meanwhile, the other flights are tearing up the place, we are having a ball!

Then the stick goes mushy, pitch control is poor but I am still flying. OK, lets get out of here. Feet wet we have only a short return hop to the boat, but can I get it down? With a sick feeling I realize that I am already about to ditch an aircraft on the very first of these missions! If I survive, I am a damn fool, shooting up the place like a cowboy and then getting my plane punctured.

Two joins up, Look me over man, I request. Yes, we have damage, the port droop is torn off, the opposite elevator has gone and numerous holes line the fuselage!

Spotting the boat, and the lines of recovering aircraft, I take my place in the queue. Pitch can be managed with more throttle, augmenting the slow response due the missing surfaces. Its ugly, but I can fly it. I decide to make a close pass, following the other Scooters down to the deck, if she flies slowly enough I will take it around and set up another approach. Yes, goosing it through the bolter, we mush around for another downwind leg.

Next time by she traps, wow, I punch the air, very proud of this one! Temporarily forgetting what a moron I was to get caught by ground fire in the first place. You do that up north boy, you aint coming back! Welcome to the war!

Next up: 640805 Hong Gai Raid (VF-144)

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#1653515 - 11/29/06 04:43 PM Re: YANKEE AIR PIRATE - Quang Khe Ferry  
Joined: Dec 2000
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Wired Offline
Wired  Offline

Joined: Dec 2000
Posts: 360
Pennsylvania, USA
Simon Read,

Very good action screen shots and story line.

If you loiter over the target in a YAP mission you will get carried out on a litter or in a body bag. \:D

Good Hunting-


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#1653516 - 12/02/06 10:00 PM Re: YANKEE AIR PIRATE - Quang Khe Ferry  
Joined: Nov 2006
Posts: 231
Simon Read Offline
Simon Read  Offline

Joined: Nov 2006
Posts: 231
Thanks mate!

As a Phantom man, why not give us all a real YAP review?

Have you flown 'Gunfighter' or 'Chico'? Rockin' Phantom missions, please post an AAR for us all. I want to work on through the Canberras and Thuds next and would like to see another 'Wired' AAR!

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