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#1532898 - 08/09/03 12:50 PM New cockpits and skins  



I just updated my site. I added a few cockpits and skins. These cockpits are not 100% accurate, but they work ;\)

Also, I'm not the greatest skinner/cockpit maker, but if someone needs skins or a cockpit, I can help. I actually like doing this stuff ;\)

Here's some pics:
Avro Arrow cockpit:

B-2a cockpit:

Also, I looked around for a B-1b model - I thought someone made one, but I can't find any. I actually started making a cockpit for the B-1b, but then realized the model in USAF isn't so great, so I just made the B-2 cockpit.

Both of my cockpits have huds. I'm not sure whether each of these planes actually have (had) huds, but I put them anyways. Anyone think they would be better without the huds visible?

[edit]Added another pic

#1532899 - 08/09/03 02:42 PM Re: New cockpits and skins  


great skins/pits

to the people that see the tripod logo
do tight click on the pic, properties
than copy the link to your broswer and enjoy ;\)

#1532900 - 08/09/03 06:54 PM Re: New cockpits and skins  


Check out Gulf Knight for a B-1b Model , he's got a pretty nice one thats not finished .... Sure wish someone with the skills would do it soon.

#1532901 - 08/10/03 11:00 PM Re: New cockpits and skins  


Thanks guys. I should probably just put the url to my site next time.

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