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#1532845 - 08/05/03 06:48 PM windows xp and screen resolution  


ok is there a way to run in a higher screen resolution with win i go and try the compatability runs in a higher res but loading a and gameplay are very,very slow there a way to run it in normal mose but just run the game with a higher res......?seen somewhere about using notebook to change the seetings...anyone know how?
system specs
p 4 3.0 ghz
1 gb ram
geforce ti 4200
win xp pro

#1532846 - 08/06/03 03:22 AM Re: windows xp and screen resolution  
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if memory serves me right.look in the settings .its in janes usaf\pilots the Pilots name with as you say.notepad....theres screen sizes there etc you can alter them there...
heres what they look like
Record11=Width of Resolution|1280|0
Record12=Height of Rsolution|1024|0
Record13=Depth of Resolution|32|0
Record14=Use Joystick|1|0
Record15=Use Throttle|1|0
Record16=Use Rudder|0|0
Record17=Unlimited Fuel|0|0
Record18=Easy Aiming|1|0
Record19=No Stalls|0|0
Record20=No spins|0|0
Record21=No Blackouts|1|0
Record22=No Weather|0|0
Record23=No wind|0|0
Record24=No Mulfunctions|0|0
Record25=No Crashes|0|0
Record27=Unlimited Weapon|1|0
Record28=Collision Detection|0|0
Record29=Easy Landing|1|0
Record30=Smoke Trails|0|0
Record31=External Stores|1|1
Record32=Use Force Feedback Effect|0|1
Record33=Dead Zone|1|1

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